Collab: Change the identifiers of articles to match the game they appear in

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
My proposal to change the names of identifiers (the stuff between parentheses in the article name) has recently passed, and I'd prefer some help with actually putting it into action. All you need to do is see if the article identifier matches the game it appears in and change it if it isn't, so for example changing Outta My Way! (microgame) to Outta My Way! (WarioWare: Twisted!), or adding one if other articles share the same name yet that one doesn't have an identifier, so for example adding (Mario Golf) to Joe.
Joe doesn't really need an identifier though. None of the other Joes share the exact same title as him nor are they as likely to be searched as him.

If you guys need help moving articles, but can't because there is a redirect with more than one edit, let a sysop know so we can delete that redirect and keep the edit history. Don't try to copy and paste information to the redirect as that will result in a loss of edit history. You can let us know here if you encounter a redirect that cannot be move overriden.
You're asking for help updating all the links to the pages you've been moving from, correct?
I would say so, since it seems that the one from Donkey Kong is the only one actually called Bat.
I'll be willing to help out on this one.