Hypothetically, you park at the Super 8 motel and use their Wi-Fi connection on your DS without ordering it. Is this considered stealing? This is hypothetic, of course. It's not like I did this today... :-\
Yeh; it's considered that, but it's usually considered their fault for not securing the airwaves.

If it makes you feel any better, I rutinely steal my neighbor's Wi-Fi since my parents don't allow free internet. >:D
That doesn't really make me feel too much better, but I guess you did have a point about the security.
I've only heard of one case where someone got in trouble for 'stealing' local wifi.
Uniju said:
I've never heard of people getting in trouble for stealing internet connection, but I know it's against the law or what ever.

Whenever I'm on vacation or something, I usually end up stealing the wireless connection.

That just reminded me of how long it's been since I've actually been on a vacation... *emoemoemo*

I think the last time I went on a vaction is back in April of 07. My family & I went to Cleveland to watch the women's final four basketball. My next one is 4/04/08 through 4/11/08, when we go to Tampa, Florida, for the same reason. I'm going to Disney actually too.
3Dejong said:
And which was that?

I can't find the story at the moment, but around a year ago, a guy, in his parked car, was using the internet provided by the cafe a few feet away. A cop pulled up and fined him for stealing internet. The cage owner didn't find out about it till a few days later.