Animal Crossing Outfits/Accessories

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Celestial Guide
Regarding the outfits, I often wear the simple outfits, like the number shirts.

As for accessories, the one I use the most would be the bandage.

As for the rest...
1UP Cap
Top Hat
Festive Hat
Big/Lil' Bro Hats
Bicycle Helmet
Chef's Hat
Scholar's Hat
Captain's Hat
Melon Hat
Watermelon Hat
Racing Helmet
Zap Helmets
Rimmed Glasses
3D Glasses
I would typically sport the Lil' Bro hat with a gas mask, along with a custom shirt. Sometimes I'd swap out the hat and the mask for a pair of aviators.
In the original, I always have my frog shirt on. I haven't even seen my WW or CF guys in too long to remember what they look like but I probably changed them up too often for it to matter. If I got back into either one of them, I'd try to get my hands on a frog shirt and a frog hat.
I usually mix it up On CF and WW, but on CF you can find me with different color hair every once in a while (Usually blonde, other times, brown hair) with a Bridal Veil and Cake Shirt, but I'll mostly be found with the Tiara hair accessory. On WW, I usually wear a Sailor's Uniform, and Triangular Glasses (You can sometimes see me wearing that on CF)

Of course, I don't do Wifi, so I have dress up parties with myself sometimes!