Is there any way to run old cd's on a newer computer.

My mom got a couple of older computer games at a garage sale. Needless to say, they don't want to work with Windows 7. The back of the CD says I need Windows 98 or newer and is also XP compatible. It gives me problems and says it won't run on my "64-bit system"

Any way I can fix this?
XP mode does not work with my version of 7, and I am NOT paying to upgrade. What "Virtual Machine" would you be talking about?
I keep telling you, it doesn't work with my version. It doesn't work with Home Premium 64-bit. And I would have to pay to upgrade to Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to run Windows XP Mode.

EDIT: $90 to upgrade. NINETY DOLLARS.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
There might be drivers that would help it work.

Windows 7 also has some sort of compatibility mode, if I recall correctly.
Sorry for double posting, but nope. No dice. If all else fails, I will simply use my mom's, dad's, or maw maw's computers, but that seems like a real pain.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
I'm not running Windows 7 atm, but the compatibility feature should be somewhere in the properties or whatever of the desktop shortcut.

That is, if you got it installed.