Dragon Vale

I don't know if an iPad game would be handheld, since it is a portable device I put it here.

It's a game where you hatch basic element dragons then breed them and get hybrid element dragons, there are also limited dragons that require some luck and the perfect dragons for breeding (air + Firefly = Butterfly Dragon [Limited] (or, Scorch, Firefly, Sonic or Blazing)).

I just decided to make a discussion if anybody's played it.

I have every single common hybrid/basic dragon, no rare opposite hybrids/ultra rare dragons. I'm currently making eggs on pedestals using the new update, to make a museum of eggs. There's also a limited ultra ultra rare dragon, the emerald dragon, that pays gems (the stuff that speeds up stuff/or buys certain things in most games like this) instead of coins. I'm lv21 as well, and the second most expensive park out of the 17 friends I have on game center.

I do doubt anybody has it though, but I have some sort of addiction to it now due to the new update. My friends only want the rare dragons but I want them all.
Yeah, the Internet connection part kind of sucks.

I got an Epic Breeding Island just before, now I can breed twice as much, which means twice the dragons.
My mom has it, I don't :,(
I would have it, but most of the space on my iPhone is filled.
The emerald dragon has been out for half the month, 30 tries and I still don't have it. I did get 3 rainbows accidentally when trying to get the emerald. I don't even care about rainbows at the moment, I just want the emerald before it leaves the market. Hopefully if I don't manage to get it, it will be bam next year.