Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot


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Yep, a new Care Bears show. And what's more, The Hub is expecting this to take off like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic did!

Yeah, somehow, I don't think "Belly-Bro" will catch on. :rolleyes:

But, you know, I'll watch a few episodes and see for myself. All I can REALLY say is...

Beastly better be in this! He was my favorite character from "the good ol' days"! Noheart and maybe Shrieky, too... Or at LEAST Professor Coldheart and Frostbite!


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I remember seeing some commercials for this.
Let me sum up my thoughts:


Just... no.


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Yeah, this is more likely going the path of Strawberry Shortcake then Friendship is Magic does on the HUB. You can't catch lightning in a bottle twice, especially if you're not even trying.

I doubt this series has an innovator that can turn the franchise around like with what Lauren Faust and Studio B did with My Little Pony


Dry Bowser
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I was just imagining if Genndy Tartakovsky or Craig McCracken was in charge of this show...

Trying to think of other innovators in television animation... Surprisingly enough, I mostly think of Cartoon Network shows and their creators... I wish I could think of Nickelodeon guys, other than Stephen Hillenburg or Butch Hartman.

Edit: Okay, apparently Hasbro and The Hub took back the whole "Belly-Bro" comment:

Well, nice to see they at least came to their senses.


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Regarding what caused My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's popularity, this could be even more ironic if it gets popular anyway. It would also be an absolute disaster.


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Lario said:
Regarding what caused My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's popularity, this could be even more ironic if it gets popular anyway. It would also be an absolute disaster.
If you're even slightly worried this will become even half as popular as Friendship is Magic. Then you're ignoring some of the huge reasons why Friendship is Magic really got it's popularity. Namely Care Bears doesn't look like it will have anywhere near the amount of quality. Nor do I think it has an all-star cast of staff.

Basically the "Care Dude" stuff was the result of one HUB person who got cocky and didn't understand himself why Bronies actually love Friendship is Magic. He thought that with the existence of Bronies, there's a male population that will watch anything and love it. Which isn't something that Bronies did. Bronies were just as skeptical as the the average person hearing about the show until they checked out the show and found it it was a quality show made by a good cast of people behind it. If Friendship is Magic had been anything like the new Strawberry Shortcake show that also runs on the HUB it would've of never ever had a possibility of it gaining the popularity it enjoys now. Just because Bronies enjoy a show that is publicly perceived as being for Little Girls. Doesn't mean that they're desensitized of being able to know good quality cartoons from bad ones. Only bitter haters would say to the contrary. The guy both overestimated the Care Bears show AND underestimated the media tastes of a majority of Bronies. Which comes off more as an insult then anything else.



On a serious note, I really doubt that this would really catch on. Other than MLP: FiM, I really don't know of any quality Hub shows; I presume that this will be no different.


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inb4 it sets off and you giraffes pretend to not like it