The Amazing Race: MarioWiki Edition

Hello everyone! This is a Amazing Race fanfiction I'm working on. However, before I use people in the fic, you have to voulenteer to be in the fic. Here's the first, but not really first, part.

---Amazing Race: MarioWiki Edition---

Koopster64: Hello! Welcome to-

(A Lakitu flys up to me and whispers)

Koopster64: What? No one voulenteered to be a player yet? So I guess I have to wait.


I am... The Black Knight
I'd like to volunteer. Also, yea, do you need a character profile or something?
Here's our contastents!:

Superkoopa (he PMed me)
Mariomario (filler)
koopaking (filler)
luigluigi (filler)

Koopster 64: MegaMario and YoshiSon are on a team! Chibizombie and Superkoopa are on a team! Sydezkicks and mariomario, who is actually mario, is on a team! And koopaking and luigiluigi are on a team! Choose your team names!

luigiluigi and koopaking: Green Team


Shy Guy
Could I be a cameraman please? I'd ride a blue kart around and record the race.


"Headshot" <<< my favorite quote in any game...
Hey can our name be chibikoopas please let superkoopa give his opinion about this name first then make it official please.