What Video Game Music can you play on an instrument?

I can play Super Mario Bros 3, Overworld 2 on the Piano. Also, a bunch of ocarina of time songs, Satyr's Song (Spyro), E Gadd's theme, and bits and pieces of Super Mario World, Underworld theme, Underwater, and a couple others.
Joey Wheeler said:
I used to be able to play Dr. Mario's fever theme on the piano.
I love that song! I wanted to play it, but I failed, and my piano teacher might find it annoying to come to her with 10 other songs I want to learn
Just taught myself how to play "Still Alive" on piano.

Though I think I'm playing it in the wrong key.
"Zelda's Lullaby," "Ballad of the Goddess," "Town Market Theme" (still working on this one), and "Epona's Song" on ocarina.
Having completely failed at my attempts to play Gerudo's Valley or the Deku Palace, I did successfully technically play all the correct notes to Lon-Lon Ranch on trumpet.
Magus said:
Having completely failed at my attempts to play Gerudo's Valley or the Deku Palace, I did successfully technically play all the correct notes to Lon-Lon Ranch on trumpet.
I've been trying to play it on piano, but failed.
I can play SMB Underground, SMB Underwater, SMB3 Athletic, SMW Athletic, STH Green Hill Zone, TLoZ Song of Healing, TLoZ Song of Storms, Pkmn Route 1 (Kanto), and FFVII victory theme on piano. I'm trying to learn some Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario 64 music like E.Gadd's theme, the Mansion's theme, and Dire Dire Docks also.
My friend can play Lost Forest on the bells.

Anywho, I used to be able to play Wilfre's theme on almost any instrument. LISTEN TO IT I SWEAR TO GOD IT IS THE BEST GAME MUSIC EVER.

Unrelated, I can also play X-Files and 7 Nation Army on baritone.
I can play the Menu music from Pokemon Gold, Silver, & Crystal on piano

I'm also working on playing the SMB2 Overworld theme and SM64 Main Theme on the alto sax
I recently learned Zelda's Lullaby on my Clarninet, and now I am working on learning Song of Storms, Epona's Song, Ballad of the Wind Fish, and Twillight Princess's Theme Song. Afterwards, if I can find the theme for Super Mario World, I have to learn that, because it is my theme song.

I do have a friend who's awesome at piano and can pretty much play all Mario and Zelda songs with some Donkey Kong and a Bango Kazooie.
Elec. Guitar:
Bom-Omb Battlefield
Super Mario Bros. Overworld 1
Underwater theme
Underground theme
Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworlds 1 and 2
Luigi's Mansion theme

Luigi's Mansion theme

Luigi's Mansion theme(the one where you talk to ghosts)

Acoustic Guitar:
Dire Dire Docks
Luigi's Mansion Outside theme
All on trombone:
Super Mario bros Overworld theme
Super Mario Bros underworld theme
Star power theme
Pipe maze Theme
Giant land theme
Luigi's Mansion theme
Super Mario world Castle theme
Airship theme
Got a huge list (not to toot my own horn </instrument ref>). Ahem...

Flute/Piccolo/Piano ~
Mario -
Super Mario Bros. Theme
Super Mario Bros. 2 Theme
Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme
Super Mario Sunshine Race Theme
Super Mario Galaxy Battlerock Galaxy
Super Mario Sunshine Gusty Garden
Super Mario RPG Sad Song
Super Mario RPG Forest Maze
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Boss Battle Theme
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Final Boss Theme

Zelda -
Legend of Zelda Main Theme
Saria's Song
Song of Time
Song of Inverted Time
Song of Double Time
Song of Healing
Epona's Song
Zelda's Lullaby
Fairy Fountain
Song of Passing
Song of Soaring
Song of Storms
Sun's Song
Minuet of Forest
Bolero of Fire
Serenade of Water
Nocturne of Shadow
Requiem of Spirit
Perlude of Light
Sontana of Awakening
Goron Lullaby
New Wave Bossa Nova
Elegy of Emptiness
Goodbye Grandma (Wind Waker)
Great Seas (Wind Waker)
Maldera's theme
Earth God's Lyric
Wind God's Aria
Farewell Hyrule King
Trailer theme (Twilight Princess)
Midna's Theme
Twilight Princess Overworld theme
Ilia's Theme
Spirit Tracks Overworld theme
All Lokomo Songs (Including the Zelda and Link Duet)
Skyward Sword Theme

Pokemon (I know they are all anime but I'm still doing them) -
Pokemon Season 1 Theme
Lugia's Song
Tears after the Cloudy Weather

I posted a few of them on Youtube. Here, here, and here. (Warning: I get very nervous when I record myself; not my best)

EDIT - I probably forgot a few of them.
I have a keyboard in my room. I'm terrible at it, I can't read music (yet I still sing), but I've somehow learned to play part of the SMB Overworld theme.