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Even with my reputation, I shall never forget about this. Why would I betray my favorite book series?!

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and no, it's not a carbon copy of Hunger Games Mafia. It's different.

Phases will go in real time, like in mafia. In the day, you can go hunting, traveling, or killing (latter's the same thing as hunting but who cares). At night, you are required to find shelter and sleep. How do you do this? Via special QuickTopics, contacting me in chat, or PM, you can input actions for your character to travel around the map.

You MUST eat to survive, and you will have a meter comparable to the Belly system of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. If the meter goes out, you die. You also have a body temperature meter that will gradually go down or up depending on the temperature I put on the main page. If it gets too low, you will die within a few hours. Also, you can bleed to death. Yes. I'm serious. Mortal wounds that make you bleed will obviously make you bleed. If you don't heal the bleed within exactly 5 hours, you will die.

If you find weapons or something similar, and someone else also tries to grab it, you both will compete in a race to input commands to get the item. If you lose, you might suffer a wound. The more wounds you have, the higher chance you have of dying easily.

Animals attack you every two hours. You can choose to run away, or, if you have a weapon, kill it and store it in your pack. Everyone is given a sleeping bag and THAT ONLY in their pack. You can collect anything from animal corpses to empty tracker jacker nests to a bow & arrow to even a branch from a tree. You have limited pack storage - you can only store up to 20 things at a time.

Healing herbs are extremely rare and very limited. They can heal any wound - however, keep note that herbs can only heal 4 wounds at a time. If wounds are mortal, they can only be partially healed and can still hurt your ability to fight very badly. There will only be about 7 herbs hiding in the arena, not counting feasts.

You can create QuickTopics to make alliances, but keep note that there is only one winner, and your allies will eventually have to die - or they might kill you. It is not against the rules to be deceptive or traitorous.

"Feasts", like in the book, might be hosted at a point in the game where there are only about 5-7 people left. Feasts, if you can survive them, provide you with extremely valuable rewards, such as healing herbs, massive bunches of freshly cooked fish, or even weapons.

You can also get sponsors, like in the book. People who are not participating and dead people can choose to sponsor a few tributes and can send items to them. However, sponsors have a limited selection of gifts. For example, they can send you a dinner, like what Katniss and Peeta get near the end of the games. However, they can't send you unreasonable things, like fifteen dinners or seventy healing herbs. I will tell if your request is unreasonable. You can send a total of two gifts max between a period of 2 days and 2 nights.

Yes, you can set snares. However, they can only kill animals. There's also an unlimited supply of rocks, which you can use to injure someone depending on the size. I can set pods whenever I feel like it, so look sharp.

If a tribute does not do anything for 4 phases and is still alive, I will kill them in any way I want. Keep in mind I am sort of like a Gamemaker as a host and I can kill everyone in a second if I felt like it.

If you have any questions, please PM me.

-Knife (Common)
-Bow & Arrow (Uncommon)
-Dagger (Rare) (Mortal injury)
-Spear (Uncommon)
-Ax (Rare) (Instant Kill, except in certain cases)
-Sword (Common)
-Slingshot (Common) (Weak)
-Mace (Rare) (Mortal injury)
-Land mine (Only obtainable in certain cases*) (Almost instant kill)

* = Need to be dug up from the ground near the starting point and also can be obtained at feasts
NOTE: Any of these items can be obtained at a feast, no matter how broken or rare

Supplies can be anything from a shovel to a water bottle. Have fun. Now be reaped.

I'll take a max of 24 tributes.

1. Smasher
2. FE
3. Mario4Ever
4. Toad85
5. Bop
6. Lily
7. Rocker
8. BMB
9. NSM
10. MM15
11. MCD


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I'm not a huge fan, but maybe I'll enjoy this.


Joining, though I've never read the book.

kinda like how pyro joined hp mafia without reading a rowling book in his life.


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Sure, I've always wanted to get in a mortal one-on-one duel with M4E.


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Haven't read the book, but clearly i am not the only one.

-Guy who needs to read the book

The funny thing is, is that I was going to make this two weeks ago, but couldn't think of a good way to make it O.O

EDIT: Also for the sponser thing, I think it would be more fair if they got chosen a random person to sponser when they die. Because than more favored users might get all the sponsers


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New Super Mario said:
EDIT: Also for the sponser thing, I think it would be more fair if they got chosen a random person to sponser when they die. Because than more favored users might get all the sponsers
Good idea. Dead people get random.


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If I go long with lower than 24 players, I'll shut down sign ups no matter where it is.


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Besides, even if he did that, people could just delete the PM and carry on with their lives.


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PMing people to ask them to join might be a good idea though.

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never seen/read anything to do with the hunger games, but sounds fun, i guess