The Revenge of West Virginia

Okay, since my last serious story sucked, I'm trying my hand at humor. Oh yeah. I'd say this story is going to be about 19% political humor, 80% slapstick, and maybe a one percent of serious in there somewhere. Don't get me wrong, there will be plot progression, but if your looking for a nail biting, action packed, blockbusting, enlightening, adventure, turn and run to the nearest emergency "I want my mommy!" station. This, this might make you lose a few brain cells.

The plot will be about WV waging war on the world after being offended by a sleazy journalist who claims WV is a myth. There will be many jokes about Maine, Canada, Alaska, Czechoslovakia, Alaska, Canada, Alaska, Canada, Alaska, and Canada. And other places. Oh, no. This won't be cruel or offensive, it's just to poke fun at some of the stereotypes that have arisen over the years.

Sign ups will be a little confusing to explain. You are welcome to sign up here, but you may not be admitted to the story. Not because I have anything against you, but because certain users fit certain roles more exactly. I will also invite via PM.

So sign up. You can suggest which kind of role you want, but that does not guarantee you will be a hero or villain or whatever.

1. The Nabber says, "Sure"
2. I felt lonely so I added myself. Yay my sign up list goes over two.
3. Is there an "Old Super Mario"?
4. SM4SH3R
5. Yay, I got M4E
6. OJ Simpson
7. Red Barchetta doesn't get a corny...dangit.
8. Toad85 is the Govena of Joisey.
9. Quizmo.

The place where I put people who I want to be in the story

The place where I put people who might join later if a spot opens.
1. LN1

No open spots, but feel free to sign up. I will try to work you in as a cameo or something.
Red Barchetta said:
Doesn't really matter, whatever is easier for you/whichever you prefer. :D
I think Red Barchetta sounds cooler and is what I first knew you by, so I'm going with that.

EDIT: And I found ways to work tou guys into the story.


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It's just something corny based on your username.

OJ Toad

Mario4Ever said:
It's just something corny based on your username.
Okay, so I murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman?

Sound great. :/