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Go to the MarioWiki and click the "Random Page" three times. You will get three random articles. Make a story out of those three random articles. I'm sure this article existed before, but instead of bumping it, I'll just create a new one.

~Pidgit~ was playing Mario Party 5. All was well, until he got into a duel mini-game with Yoshi. The duel mini-game was ~Head Waiter~. Pidgit tried his best, but in the end, Yoshi won and got to keep all of Pidgit's money. Pidgit then got very upset and left to Flipside where he went to eat a ~Heart Pillar~.

The words with ~this~ are the ones I got "Random Page".
Meh, here's mine

While playing '''Paddle Battle''', :daisy: crashed into a '''Electric Clown Fence'''. Then :dk: used a''' Super Duper Simian Slam''' on :daisy:, th killing her.
I'll include a link, to make things easier. :)


Smokescreen, Lava Bud, Alex

While :mario: was driving his kart, he got hit by a Smokescreen which makes him blind. He drove off-course, but because he was on Rainbow Road, he fell to somewhere random. Lakitu was on vacation, so he fell to Lavalava Island, directly to the summit of the volcano. Lava Piranha and his Lava Buds greeted him, but :mario: was blind, so he walked around randomly. The Lava Buds tried their best to catch him, but they were too stupid. Just like the writer of this story (which is PaperStriker) because he doesn't include Alex. Because I have to, and I'm idealess, I'll just make him fall out of the skies. He gets eaten by Lava Piranha. Meanwhile, :mario: falls down the mountain and will be blind till whenever I want to decide. End of story.
I played (Luigi-Jack) with a (Big Bullet Bill) on (K Rool's Ship). Needless to say, it did not end well.
Someone please just tempban this guy until he learns not to bump everything.