If you were charged with running any country. . .


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That's not self-explanatory at all, you left out half the question.


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If the rest of the question is "which would it be and why," I'd say none because I am not cut out for running a country, and any attempt on my part to do so would result in that country's complete economic and political collapse.


Take over some random Pacific Island and declare myself emperor. Money comes from the convenient offshore oil, as I go the whole way with the emperor stereotype, from being hand-fed to the cape to the concubine. :P

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Depends on the country, our current economy, natural resources, international standings...

If it was a third world country, I'd probably plunder it for resources and form a new country for all my rich friends.

Second world? Help it develop with great policies and such.

First world? Quietly take over the world.


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I meant what would you do if you were chosen to run [insert country here]

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Banjo said:
Czechoslovakia. Not because I know anything about its economy or culture, but because of its awesome name.
Czechoslovakia is not a real country. You are both angry conjoined twins with alcoholism.


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Would probably get fired due to being too much of an idealist.