False Realities?

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As you've probably noticed Rare has a habit of cameoing they're characters in other games. Are these cameos just surreal "Fun 'n' Games" or something more? Heres some examples of what I mean:

Banjo-Tooie: Mr. Pants, Rare unofficial mascot and star of the game It's Mr. Pants! (formely Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers) appears on a T.V. in Boggy's house. Is Mr. Pants just a T.V. show character in Banjo's world?

Grabbed by the Ghoulies: The Banjo-Kazooie series must be a video-game series or something here because you sure do come across a crapload of Banjo-Kazooie memorabillia during the course of the game, even Banjo's unlucky fish Roysten can be found in the game, course he's not memorabillia, he's in the flesh and blood. Could Banjo's world just be video-game series/whatever in this game? Oh yeah, Mr. Pants stuff also shoes up throughout the game, sketches and drawings mostly.

Viva Pinata!: This is easier to place, Grabbed by the Ghoulies is specifically said by one of the characters to be his "favorite video-game" (must have bad taste :wink: ). A lot a Grabbed by the Ghoulies memorabillia can also be found in this game, interestingly, Banjo-Kazooie memorabillia can also be found/bought. Don't ask me why people would have toys/models/statues of things from a video-game series within a video-game, then again these aren't people, they're pinatas. Could Banjo and Grabbed by the Ghoulies just be video-games in the world of Viva Pinata?

Pretty creepy, your entire universe exists in video-games. Also of note, a kid in PM:TTYD mentions that his favorite new Game Boy Advance game is Fire Emblem.
Aren't a lot of video game characters (especially in Rare games) aware that they are in a video game in begin with?
Yep, but I'm not sure about some games though (Banjo-Kazooie series and such). Plus its just fun to point out little tidbits like that, kinda' like how The Simpsons and Futurama are both comics/cartoons in eachothers universe.
Rare is weird. That's that.