CISPA - It's Worse than SOPA!


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This may be very bad news for all of the internet:

For those who don't know CISPA, this is what it basically is:

CISPA-HR 3523 is a new bill that not only allows the higher powers to shut down any website they want, it also threatens our free speech and gives the power of the internet to an overseas government!! It is way worse than SOPA!

It started back when the US government tried to pass SOPA (which would do things like shut down websites with copyrighted material). Then when public oppisition of SOPA came, they came up with a worse bill called ACTA. Now that ACTA has been found out about, we got this!

To make matters worse, the House has just passed the CISPA bill! Now it's heading to the Senate and if CISPA is for real, then the internet will be slowly erased from history! So this means Youtube might be shut down, Facebook might be shut down, Twitter might be shut down, the Mario Wiki might be shut down etc. Pretty much every site may shut down if CISPA is completely passed.

So until the Senate votes on this very terrible bill that would destroy the internet, feel free to express your opinion on CISPA, a bill worse than any previous anti-internet bills. At least Obama is among the people who are against this bill (as well as us of course).

Here's the story:,2817,2403676,00.asp

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TheYoshiState said:
I found a story about this, it's in the first post.
Well you got no proof about it. So how do we believe you.

Here ya go:

It is kind of old anyway, not really new


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Weird- Facebook supports this even though it opposed PIPA and SOPA.

President Obama says he might veto this bill.