The 4-Word Game


Kamek lives in your wardrobe!!!
Ok the aim of this game is to keep the story going and you have to continue on from what the last user said by only using 4-words.

Yoshi ate stale cheese...
There's already the one-word game. At least, try to use good numbers. If it was the five-word-game, I could post "If I was a mod..." :mad:
D.U.M.B. (Doofus Under My Bed)
Er thats not really how this game works 3Dejong you gotta continue the story
Ok....... To everyone else on this thread please continue on from yoshi ate stale cheese
blasted his butt to...
no... :( should I? ???
oh so it probably be
"Larry said "Omg Yoshi!!!!"
While Eating Some Delicious
Fried Chicken when 3dejong