Collab: Star & Shine Missions


King Bowser
This collaboration is a continuation of the Star & Shine Missions PipeProject (PipeProject:Star & Shine Missions). It was last directed by Marioguy1 and sub-directed by Super Mario Bros. This will pick up right from where the original left off, so every page that was in the "Completed" list will stay that way, with the exception of the "In Progress" and "Only need Enemy Lists / Galaxy Lists" sections.

So just as before, the main goals of this PipeProject are:
  • Add sections on missions to locations on Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine, locations in paintings from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS and galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • Add lists of enemies to level descriptions for all games and lists of planets to level descriptions of galaxies.
  • Expand level descriptions that already exist.
Basic Article Format
Bianco Hills is a perfect example of what an article should look like. Each article should:
  • Have the first section titled "Levels" for Super Mario 64 (DS), Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, "Missions" for Super Mario Sunshine.
  • This section must have sub-sections titled "Star [level number]: [level name]" for both Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, "Star [level number] (N64): [level name]" for Super Mario 64-only levels, "Star [level number] (DS): [level name]" for Super Mario 64 DS-only levels, "Episode [level number]: [level name]" for Super Mario Sunshine levels, and simply the level name for both Super Mario Galaxy games.
  • Each of these sub-sections must have sub-sections for "Planets Visited" for the Super Mario Galaxy games and an "Enemies" list for all games. If every mission in a single location is "tied" together (this is common with most Super Mario 64 locations) then a single section under the Levels/Mission section titled "Enemies" listing all of the enemies found in the level.
  • For Super Mario Sunshine locations, there needs to be a section titled "Blue Coin Locations" containing a table listing every Blue Coin location and which episodes they appear in.
  • Again for Super Mario Sunshine locations, there needs to be an "Official Description" section containing the short description the game has on the Isle Delfino map, in italics.
  • Have "Names in Other Languages" sub-sections in every sub-section for each level/mission in the "Levels"/"Missions" section.
  • Optional: Have a section titled "Music" describing the songs played in the level, each song in its own sub-section titled by either the article name, official name or, for songs that only play during one mission, level/mission name.
Any questions or suggestions are welcome to be posted in this thread, as usual.

Super Mario 64 (DS/Regular)
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
When you've finished working on a level or mission, make a post in this thread saying so and I'll add it to the list. I will also add featured articles to the list as soon as I find out, so feel free to tell me if there are any featured articles related to this project that are not yet on this list.
Being as Honeyhive Galaxy is currently a featured article, I think all of its missions can be safely checked off.
Boidoh said:
I remember being part of this one... Anyways it think it would be better if you had a list of whats needed to be done because im too lazy to search.
I'm not sure how I'd set that out, since pretty much any levels from 3D games that are not on the completed list is what's needed to be done.