Artist commission ideas


Dry Bowser
Retired Wiki Staff
Hey guys, I'm going to a convention this weekend, and there's usually a artist's alley where I can commission artists to draw something for me. I was thinking about getting some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic art, but I also want some Adventure Time art, too...

Here are some pictures I want:

-Mjolna dressed as Thor
-Thunderlane and Rumble
-Finn and Jake dressed up as Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper (from One Piece) respectively
-The Ice King dressed as Wapol from One Piece

Actually, that last one I'm DEFINITELY going to commission, from the same guy who drew Brook and Franky from One Piece one year, and Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles dressed as Luffy and Shanks (also from One Piece... You can tell I like this anime/manga, right?) another year.

So... Anyone mind suggesting what kind of drawings I should have commissioned?

PS: If I find out, I might take a picture, upload it to my computer, then post the art I got so that you guys can see it.