My Possible New Comic/Film (ON HOLD)


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I am planning on trying to start a new parody comic/cartoon (whichever you prefer). It is a hybrid of the Red Green Show's Ranger Gord's Educational Films and 2 Stupid Dogs' Secret Squirrel segments (look either or both up if you want an idea for this), but with entirely different characters, with the three main characters being Pokemon, however most of the other characters are from that series and other Nintendo series, including the Mario series. Here's what I have for the main characters and whose roles they replace:

Drillbur replaces Ranger Gord and Morocco Mole
Snivy replaces Harold and Secret Squirrel
Oshawott replaces Red

Sprites will be used if it is done in comic form.

Stories to probably come:
"Pursuit to Mars": Spoofs the Ranger Gord's Educational Films episode "Alien Assumption" (on the 2000 Red Green Show episode "Twinning"), the title of the 2000 movie Mission to Mars and the Jetsons TV series.

"Snivy You Can Drive My Car": Spoofs the Ranger Gord's Educational Films episode "Cloud Makers" (on the 2000 Red Green Show episode "Foster Child") and the title of the Beatles song "Baby You Can Drive My Car". NOTE: A Ford Mustang plays a major role in this story.


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Re: My Possible New Comic/Film (WHAT DO YOU DECIDE?)

A comic would be possible, but a cartoon would be harder. I'd choose a comic just because they're well-known around here.