Mass Effect series


Dry Bowser
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Talk about the Mass Effect series in general here. (I searched for a topic like this and it didn't come up, save for topics about Mass Effect 3's ending)

I want to get into the series, and I have the first game, but I want to be able to have all the DLC that's available for it. I have 1600 Microsoft Points, can anyone tell me when and how I can access the DLC for the game?


Donkey Kong
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Mass Effect is an okay series that bioware has done, but its a bit bleh in comparison to their much bigger game, neverwinter nights. KOTOR and Dragon age also impressed me more.

But I guess if you like shooters and rpg elements mixed into one its okay.

Although ive never been impressed with the side content and its massively lack luster difficulty, but w/e.