Easter Egg Designs

What kind of Easter eggs have you made/plan on making? We always have our Easter party on the Saturday before, so I've already done mine. I personally prefer the real painted eggs to the plastic ones.

I did some generic egg designs like yellow swirls on a pink background, flowers, and other Eastery stuff, but I also painted some elements from the periodic table (dorky) and an amazing Homsar egg. Well, amazing before I dropped it on the table. :'(
I think I did a meh job. Poor 'ol Homsar has been painted over and dropped. The image quality's pretty bad too. Doen't keep me from being proud of him though.


Donkey Kong
I made one based on Pansage, one on Munna, and one on Musharna.

I tried making Applejack's cutie mark, but there was no red, only pink.