Where are you going for easter?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
At first I read this as "What are you going as for Easter"?

So I'm going to dress up like a small furry rodent that hops and I will steal little children's candy in the name of the Easter Egg.


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People go places for that? I just eat candy.
I usually go to the Stawell gift for the days it's on. Mostly because my dad is one of the people that does the setting up/big stuff in the tents in the middle of the oval. The snow cones there are great.

Pokemon DP

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I'm probably going to an Italian restaurant with me extended family on me mum's side. As we do every goddamned Easter.


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I'm not sure I've ever gone anywhere for Easter. When I was a little kid I'd get candy and shit but that's it.
Well a couple days before easter, we go down to where the Stawell Gift is being set up and grab some Fish 'n' Chips to eat. Thats counts as something, i guess.

Ernest Fine

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Not necessarily for Easter itself, but I'll be going to Manchester during the holiday.