A suggestion on polls


Can the pollsters get rid of the cop-out options? I'd rather see a real poll of who Wiki users would side with between the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms, for instance. It shows a lot more. ;D


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IMO, it's more of a joke option, but you'll have to talk with a Poll Committee member on this one.

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Oh boy! Haha!
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The creator of that poll and I were discussing that option, and we decided to keep it as a lighthearted "I don't want to join either side" kind of option.


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I think these joke options should go. I remember one saying that the world would end in December.


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I don't vote for the joke options but i don't really think they should be removed. Also like SMB I think that the current one is just a form of "I don't want to pick either side".

The one NSY mentioned was kind of unnecessary though.