Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion


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A Nintendo 3DS version of the sequel to Epic Mickey has been confirmed:


This version of the game is being developed, not by Junction Point Studios, but by Dreamrift, the studio that made Henry Hatsworth and Monster Tale.


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Don't know... We'll have to wait for more information from Nintendo Power.

I wish I was still a subscriber to that magazine...


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More info about this game:


- Follow-up to Epic Mickey as well as Castle of Illusion (For the Sega Genesis)
- Heavy use of the stylus
- Tap item icons that are in every level to “paint” (trace) items into existence
- This includes cliffs, cannons, floating platforms
- Better tracing will cause better things to happen
- Flawlessly-painted canon will only damage Mickey’s enemies
- Messing up the painting can result in danger to everyone in the area
- Sometimes have to erase objects
- Erase with thinner by using the stylus
- Hand-drawn sprites
- Every level is based on an animated Disney adventure
- This includes “Sleeping Beauty”, “Peter Pan”, and “Tangled”
- Each character Mickey saves will be in the fortress that Mickey uses as his home base
- This fortress is a hub
- Characters will decorate the fort
- Witch from Snow White is the main villain
- Worlds from all eras of Disney
- Scrooge Mcduck, Oswald, and Minnie is in the game

Castle of Illusion sequel! YES! Scrooge McDuck in this game! DOUBLE YES! Grimhilde as the main villain? Okay! There's a world based on Tangled... what.

Everything else seems very intriguing, though I have to wonder when exactly this takes place in accordance to the first Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Edit: First official screenshot of the game:



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It's a game for the Sega Genesis. mickey goes through this castle which contains different worlds in order to save Minnie from a witch, who I think is the witch, aka the evil queen, aka Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I don't really remember much about it, but what I DO remember, I loved.

Here's a look at what the Japanese version of the game looked like:

I have to say, even though it's been a LONG time since I played it, I do recognize some of the music, and even enemies from the game, particularly the first boss fight.


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I can imagine this:
Mickey: Brunhilde, hand over minnie!
Brunhilde: Not likely for I am. . .
*changes appearance*
REALLY the mad doctor!
It's the luigi in a dress gag!


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Wait, Brunhilde? Who's that? This game's antagonist is, supposedly, the witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who's name (according to the original script) is Grimhilde.

Still, that WOULD be really funny if that was the twist they were building up to! The Mad Doctor, the ultimate big bad of Epic Mickey! XD

Edit: Also, apparently, the witch in the original Castle of Illusion was called Mizrabel, but she DOES look an awful lot like Grimhilde, especially during the final battle.