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In this game, you create a typical Midwestern county (20 square townships). Here are the instructions how to play:

  • First, go to either the Mario Wiki or Wikipedia. You can also go onto any other NIWA wiki.
  • Then click on "Random Page" once. This will be your county name.
  • Click on "Random Page" again. This will be your county seat.
  • Click on "Random Page" 20 times. They will be your township names.
  • Click on "Random Page" 9 more times. They will be your county's other towns.
  • (OPTIONAL) Make a map.

Here's mine. The Mario Wiki was used here:

County Name: Bloomsday County

County Seat: Ruins Key

  • Ghostly Grove
  • Cosmic Slalom
  • Valley of Bowser 2
  • Reverse Mushroom
  • Spin Doctor
  • Stuffwell
  • Kastle KAOS
  • Wario's Woods (place)
  • Poundbrella
  • Bowser Phone
  • Mystery of the Castle?
  • Clapper the Seal
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Yoshi Train
  • Multiplier!
  • St.GIGA
  • Air Lift
  • Shady Koopa
  • Dr. Light
  • Gloomy Galleon

Cities and Villages (except County Seat):
  • Hi, Wire!
  • Wing Man
  • Wario Land II
  • Konotako
  • Beware the Spinning Logs
  • Krevice Kreepers
  • Gallery
  • Spiky Piranha Plant
  • Train Ticket