Favorite Villain

Favorite Villain

  • King.K.Rool

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  • King Dedee

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  • Mother Brain

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  • Andross

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  • Proxis

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  • Captain Razorbeard

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  • Xemnas

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  • Ripto

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  • Uka Uka

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  • Giavonni

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Since Grodus has talked about making all these topics, I thought, why not do just one?

Forgive anyone I missed. Only 1 baddie per series.
Woah, take it easy on him PJ.

Anyway I voted Giovanni (cool game version, not anime version), cuz' he is so cool, as you could probably tell from the last statement.

Though I would just point a little thing out though, I think Ridley is Samus's archenemy, not Motherbrain, or is it spelt Mother Brain? I forget.
Ooops. I put in Grunty AND Bowser but my idiot computer must have deleted them. I'n typing from my school computer now, thats the only way this is coming through.
I know i'm copying Grodus here, but if anyone doesnt know who these are heres a quick list:

K.rool- evil Multi-Personality crocodile. Donkey Kong series.
Proxis-evil tyrannical guy who rules the future. Jak and Daxter series.
Xemnas- evil Empty shell creature (Called A Nobody) who tries to take over the universe. Kingdom Hearts series.
Andross-evil, floating head who...tries to take over the galaxy (I dont know much about Starfox)
Mother Brain-evil...brain who tries to...take over the universe? (My metroid could use a brushup too...)
Giavonni-Evil leader of team rocket. Pokemon series.
King dede- evil penguin/duck who...actually isnt that evil, hes more mischevous, I think.His biggest crimes involve stealing food.
Uka Uka- another evil diembodied head...except this ones a mask.He tries to...take over the world.(God thats cliche).Crash Bandicoot series.
Ripto-Evil,short,dragon, who tries to...Rule the world.
Captain Razorbeard-evil...ROBOT PIRATE (I feel ridiculous). He tries to ENSLAVE the whole world. There is a difference.
Motherbrain is the control system for the Space Pirates base on Zebes and may also be their leader. She was a galactic menace.
Ooops. He's from the Rayman series.
no ganon?
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because of the gaping hole left out by numerous villains, I am starting over with another poll. You guys should be getting used to this by now anyway. The new one will be the "unabridgedone" coming into stores very soon.