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(Searched, and didn't come up with anything, but if there is already a topic I'll just lock this)

But anyway, anyone plan on picking this up? Or already have it? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I'm loving it so far, it's interesting having to survive by killing and eating animals, extracting the bullets out of you every time you're shot, etc.

So far, I just beat The End.

That fight took forever, I almost fell asleep because the fight took so long.

Then when I spotted him he was asleep. :u

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Have no intention of picking it up and I don't understand why anyone with a PlayStation 3 would want to buy it because as the GameJournos dude put it, "Why woud anyone spend $35 on Snake Eater 3D for the 3DS when the same money gets you the MGS HD Collection for the 360 or PS3? And now the MGS HD Collection is bound for the Vita? Yikes. I guess Konami doesn't actually want Snake Eater 3D to sell AT ALL."