Gotta go to space.


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It actually sounds kind of interesting.


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I must say, some of the physics in that trailer looked fairly impressive, and I'm glad to see them adding some newer features after two spin-offs without much different.


I thought space core when i came here. I was disappointed.

Anyway, this looks interesting. Wondering how they're going to do it on a little iPhone.


how about a rousing game of pool
If what Im assuming is true, then the game will be over since all the blocks and birds and shit should all just mash together in a big heap in space


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I got this for $3 and it is better than other 3 angry birds also sadly that we had to pay number of uses for space eagle. Also I bought "Danger Zone" for $1 and this is a level filled with very very hard levels


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I got it for my iPad HD and there is a Super Mario Bros NES level in this game, go to 1-20 and hit the bush and you will get world 1-1 and you need to hit floating block


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Has anyone tried the Space Invaders level? I find it really creative. Also, I wonder whether there will be boss stages. Because that was an epic part of Rio, so I'm praying for pig bosses and an SMG reference.