Face Texture for Tony Hawk's Underground (PC Version) [Requests Welcome?]


Celestial Guide
Well, I decided to create a character of myself / for myself in the PC version of Tony Hawk's Underground. The facemapping thing was supposed to be easy to use but with a regular photo but it... wasn't. So I decided to edit my photo myself in GIMP and make a proper texture.

The left version is straight from the photograph. I tried to put it in the program but it looked a little funny on the character (the sides of his face were too bright.) So I then I made it symmetrical, but it still didn't look right. The third image gave me satisfactory results, and here's how the character looked in the game:

What a handsome devil. As you can see, I also tried to give him similar body proportions to the ones I have in real life. I also gave him glasses, because I wear glasses but I just happened to not be wearing them in the photo (which probably made it easier to texturize.)

So yeah, I don't know if this belongs in Fan Creations since it's not related to a Mario game, so maybe this can be moved. Anyway, if anyone has a request of a face for me to texturize, feel free. I'd prefer to accept requests from people who have the game though.