You have stupid questions, we have stupid answers.

Crypt Raider

9 more seasons
Here are the rules. Ask some random question. Then another user will answer it in a stupid answer. HAVE FUN :lol:

Muh question: When will pie be couned has pasta? :twisted:
Already been done.

I have no answer for the above question.

When will the clones attack?
When the direct-to-DVD sequel will be released.

1000th post.
No he's a Piranha.
Why does Wario have such a fat butt?
Because it fits the rest of his buddy body.

What's a bird, a Birdo and a birdie?
An avian, an experiment to combine the DNA of chicken-turtle-monkey gone awry and something in Golf.

Uniju said:

Why did I make a wiki for Sonic knowing that there are already like three of them and their all well known and big?
Because you wanted to do something besides lurk here.

question: why do i like waffles?
Because "waffles", how they are called in our youth slang, cause an unforgettable experience on your tongue.

Why is desoxyribonuclein acid such a complicated word?