Whose your favorite Star Fox series villain?

Whose your favorite Star Fox series villain?

  • Andross

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  • Wolf O'Donnell

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  • Leon Powalski

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  • Pigma Dengar

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  • Andrew Oikonny

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  • Panther Caroso/Caruso

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  • General Scales

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  • Aparoid Queen

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  • Emperor Anglar

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Sir Grodus

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I've decided to make another "Whose your favorite villain" thread, this time with Star Fox as the topic. As usual I'll post villains, you guys vote and chat and if your favorite isn't up there you can just post him/her/it. So here goes villain thread number three.
Nor hav I , though Pigma sounds fat, so hes my Fav.
Considering this poll seems pretty dead I think I'm going to move on to another one.
WarioLoaf said:
Nor hav I , though Pigma sounds fat, so hes my Fav.

No comment. >>

I'm somewhat of a Star Fox fanatic, and I have to say, Wolf just frickin' owns. In every game. Especialy Command.
My favorite's the Star Wolf team.

Favorite member: Wolf O'Donnell. He's cool.
I have Command. I like Pigma 'cuz he gate turned into a floating metal neocube.. :twisted:
"Neocube". Interesting.

Though I have to admit, it was fun blasting him to smithereens. For the third time.

He's like a cockroach. He just won't die! I mean, you thought you killed him in SF64 when his ship exploded, then he returns and gets absorbed by the Aparoids in SF: Assault, you kill him again, he explodes AGAIN, and now he returns in Command as a giant space box, you kill him, he breaks into four pieces. What next?
Wolf seems popular, maybe thats why so many people want him in Brawl, along with Krystal.
Pigma, may, er....... maybe his DNA is found floating in space and is absorbed with Andross's DNA to create...... PIGDROSS! :shock: Andross's "return" in Commend is weird. Oh, and James returns too! Fun playing as him. :D
I never liked Pigma. He's just annoying.

Wolf would be awesome in Brawl. I'm hoping and praying he's in it.

But make him a secret character. I want to win the right to play as him.