Promote the above user to sysop for a stupid reason!


Star Spirit
Promoted 'cause "u dun exist u suxx0r" jokes are getting old...
Aw, shucks... Promoted just for that... :wink:
Promoted for an awesome comic...
Promoted for not just being my average nerdy fanboy idiot.
Promoted for blocking bad users at another topic. :D
I don't... :koopa:
And Uni doesn't have either.

Promoted for being near to a custom title.
Blitzwing said:
PaperStriker said:
I don't... :koopa:

T'is the point.

Promoted for having made a compliment on my user talk-page.
I don't get the point.

Promoted for promoting me for things I haven't done.
Promoted for promoting a person that's right.
Then I wonder who that "Uniju :D"-guy is...

Promoted for being at the forum.