DragonFreak's Siggy Picnik Project.


Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly!
I found out that www.picnik.com will be closing early April and all the premium effects are free. So I thought, since I use Picnik all the time and I believe I'm very skilled at it, I want to know if anyone wants a quality picture with their username on it. I made mine awhile ago and it looks like this:

So here is what you need to give me:
1. A picture you want me to vamp up
2. What color you want your username and if you can specify which username you want, that'll be awesome, especially for all of you who change your usernames once a month.
3. If you have any requested special effects, tell me.

All of this I guarantee you a high-quality Signature all for free. And if you don't like it, I'l refund it all and you can keep the picture for no charge!

Lily x

Ok here is one

Color: Whatever would look best
Effects: You decide, a border and maybe somthing to make it look slightly 'futuristic.'