Sonic Songs

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Discuss Sonic songs!

Tell us your favorites, comment on the singers, note if it fit the situation well, or whatever the heck you comment about when talking about this kind of stuff. XP

My favorite is (as my Location and Sig may hint) Dreams of an Absolution. =3

I like the tone, the instruments, the voice, the lyrics. Its just awesome! To me, at least.
Smiddle said:
Uh... the main theme.
It's the only one I remember.
I guess I phail.

Sonic has a main theme?!

Mine varies, but my total favorite is "Waking Up"
You mean the one by Julien-K in Shadow the Hedgehog? Yeah, that one is cool. =)
His World is AWESOME! Not my favorite of the Sonic '06 songs, however.


Everyone knows what my favorite Sonic '06 song is. XP
Sonic sucks
Do I even need a reason?

...I do?

Uhmm... I don't have one :P
3Dejong said:
Guiliant said:
Do I even need a reason?

...I do?

Uhmm... I don't have one :P

I'll number you amongst the prejudiced hypocrites.

*writes in huge list*

Holy crap that's a huge list ._.
Mr.Vruet said:
Open your heart is the only one I like (prepares for flame)
Open Your Heart, eh? I think I know why... LOL! XD

Anyway, this topic sure did die, didn't it? :(
Is it too late to undie the topic? Anyway, my favorite's... that lyric-less background music in Labyrinth Zone. Does that count?
SSBB ver of Angel Island is pretty good.
Meh, I was kinda asking for Sonic Songs with vocals, but, w/e.
Then you can't go past *checks songs*

*still checks*

*more checking*