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There's no One Piece topic?

But seriously, enough ponies for now, let's talk about PIRATES!

Who reads One Piece? It's a manga, and it's an anime, though most of the fans I know don't really watch the anime as much anymore, or if they do, they just wait out for certain episodes...

It's great! It's about adventure, high seas, emotion, action, comedy, and everything inbetween!

Just as a conversation starter:

Favorite Straw Hat Pirate: Chopper (with Franky and Brook as close seconds)
Favorite Marine: Garp
Favorite Warlord of the Sea (Shichibukai): Bartholomew Kuma
Favorite Straw Hat Ally: Jimbei
Favorite Major/Minor Character: Whitebeard
Favorite Villain: Either Crocodile or Gecko Moria

There's a LOT of categories for certain characters to fall into, plus multiple story arcs and characters to remember... Hard to choose favorites sometimes.


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That IS funny, if only because it's sort of like an abridged series, but at the same time, not really.


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Just read chapter 656:

"Puffing Ice"? What kind of name is that? Oh yeah, Iceberg. I liked the Puffing Tom better. :/

Paulie's looking good. Tilestone with a shirt looks weird. Peeply Lulu looks like he gained a few more cowlicks, and managed to style them in a way that looks good.

I just feel so distracted today, I can't focus on One Piece, even though I was excited about Punk Hazard last week...

That dragon does look pretty awesome. Why must Usopp continuously deny his senses...

I can't believe that Luffy when from being all shocked and stuff to being all "eh" about a dragon talking, what the Hell? He flips out over exciting stuff all the time, why's he so calm here?

Talking dragons are awesome. Just thought I'd bring that up.

"Allies of the Shichibukai?" Alright, are we going to see some new Warlords?!

Wait... So the dragon wasn't talking? It was that guy on his head? Lame... Oh well. Poor dragon bit it's own wing, too. Can't help but feel sorry for the big guy.


I guess it was just a mindless monster, I suppose, but I like dragons, so... yeah. :(

Oh uh, trouble's brewing back on the ship! Good thing Sanji's awake... for the moment... Too late.

Who are these guys in suits? They completely ignore Brook, thinking he's just a dead skeleton... THAT'S going to come back to bite them, whoever they are.

Oooo, "M", huh? I know they said "Master", but I like the sound of this "M".

So that guy on the dragon's head... was a part of legs?! Somehow, this reminds me of Buggy... Or Trafalgar Law... OH GOD! What if Law became a Warlord?! Could that be who this guy is talking about?!

And Luffy asks him to join his crew, of course. :/

Alright chapter, keeps things going, while throwing in some new mysteries. Makes me look forward to the next chapter.


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Ah, One Piece... I'll never get over what 4Kids did to the anime, though.


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I'm kind of made at Toei, too, for just thinking 4Kids will do to it what they did to Pokemon... in terms of marketing, that is, not in terms of the actual show.

And 4Kids, they really screwed up, because they didn't even screen to show first before the bought it, to make sure of the content of the show was safe for kids. Really, Toei should have realized that America deals with TV shows differently than Japan, and 4Kids should of had their heads out of their asses when the made the deal, because after that, they just simply did not GIVE a crap.

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Smashgoom202 said:
But seriously, enough ponies for now, let's talk about PIRATES!
Stop it. Goddammit, you have two topics for ponies; stop spamming this shit everywhere else.

anyway, Shyguy keeps harassing me to watch this. It looks pretty good, so I may as well watch it because I love him.


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DP what in holy hell are you talking about? I don't think I've ever even mentioned One Piece to you.

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I remember once you mentioned it when we were discussing Canada being America's hat! I think you suggested it to me once in a group chat with Ninji and Xzealio, but maybe it was one of them that suggested it. I don't remember too well.

Point is, you've mentioned it to me before.


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Crocodile Dippy said:
I remember once you mentioned it when we were discussing Canada being America's hat! I think you suggested it to me once in a group chat with Ninji and Xzealio, but maybe it was one of them that suggested it. I don't remember too well.

Point is, you've mentioned it to me before.


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So yeah, "Chapter 657: A Severed Head", nice title.

It's the Franky Family! I like that even though they do wear most of their old outfits, they ditched the black part that made them all look fat in exchange for, what I can only assume are Galley-La shirts and pants. Also, I think that's the same girl who was using spy-glasses to see Franky naked back during the Post-Enies Lobby arc.

They actually ATE the dragon... Yeah, I like dragons, and I do feel bad for it. I don't care if it was just a mindless monster. :(

Also, maybe it's the translation I'm reading, but why's the legs saying "bu" from time to time?

What's vulgar? Eating a dragon or forcing the legs to stick to his back?

I think it's funny how Luffy just assumes that the pair of legs is just a part of legs and how there OBVIOUSLY isn't an upper body lying around somewhere. Just goofing around, even though it seems clear that the pair of legs doesn't want to be with them.

It IS! This IS Hailfire Peaks! Now they just need to fight an ice dragon! :P

I wonder if Luffy's going to do the same "SNOW IS AWESOME ICE IS AWESOME-wait... ...I'm cold!" joke he always does in cold environments.

"We'll figure something out." Zoro's really the kind of guy who takes stuff as they come along. No preparation, just go. Which SEEMS cool, I guess, if it weren't for the fact that Zoro's as dumb as a sack of hammers.

A woman or something with bird wings? Could it be a Harpy, a nother mythical creature?

...FRANKY CALLED SANJI BY HIS NAME! Well, I guess he should by this point, but I'm kind of used to Franky calling the crew by nick-names, Sanji is "Blondie" or "Cook", Nami is "Girlie", Chopper is "Reindeer-Gorilla", etc.

Yeah, it doesn't matter if you're human or not, if you see a skeleton, you're obviously going to think the guy's dead. Unless he moves, which he didn't, since he was asleep.

Wow... A guy in pieces... I bet anything it's the same guy who lost his legs. Also, it's intereting, the chapter I'm reading says, in a translator's note, that the guy says "puzzles" in Japanese first, then in English second. I wonder if the English writers will do the whole "riddle/puzzle" thing he did.

I feel sorry for the poor guy, being humiliated like that... Then again, I guess I'd have fun like that, too. :P

lol, they got his head and chin backwards. :P

Really, you have a human-reindeer hybrid, a cyborg, and a freaking talking SKELETON on your crew, why would ANYTHING surprise you at this point? Besides, it's not like this is the first time we've seen a severed head talk. That's happened at least TWICE before!

I didn't realize this at first, but the fact that his chin's on top and the head's on the bottom means he's neck is on the top of his head! THAT'S going to lead to some hilarious antics when he finally DOES find his whole body!

...I don't mean to sound racist or xenophobic, but I get the feeling that this head is from the Wano Country, given that he has just an old-fashioned view of women... Then again, the Wano Country is supposed to be like OLD-TIME Japan, not current Japan, so maybe it's okay in this case.

I'm with the head on this one, Nami, put a freaking shirt on. :/

...Well, so much for that. Also, I still see Sanji as a big hypocrite for beating up people for their supposed "naughty" thoughts, even though HE'S the naughtiest of them all.

Hell yeah, Franky's frickin' laser beams, baby!

Sanji's a nice guy for fixing his head. I like those nice guy moments Sanji has. :)

I doubt he's the samurai that attacked the guy on the den den mushi. After all, what would he be doing in pieces if he was?

The plot thickens... the samurai head wants to save his son... the group runs into some giant children... Who are literally the children of the species of giants... This arc keeps getting more and more interesting!


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Sorry for the bump and double post, but there has GOT to be more people interested in One Piece. Hell, one of the members of this forum is literally called Monkey D. Luffy, so he has to see this!

...Here's my commentary on the latest chapter, chapter 662:

I have to say, Minochihuahua is freaking adorable, but yeah, what's the point? Also, is it just me, or does he look more like a fox?

Law is pretty cruel toward Tashigi, but still badass and awesome at the same time.

It's nice to see that the G5 Marines are at least willing to defend their captain, so they do have SOME redeeming qualities...

That was a pretty close call... if anyone stands a remote chance against Law, it's Smoker... BTW, didn't Smoker's Jitte get broken by Boa Hancock during the Battle at Marineford? I guess he fixed it, and put new seastone in it.

lol, I knew Luffy would easily take care of Brownbeard! And yet he's still as defiant as ever, even though he's giving them a ride... Hopefully we'll know his story sometime in the future.

It's that Master guy again, and now he's actually got some kind of face! Or at least the closest thing to a face... And he's actually drinking something, that just looks so odd! What the FRICK is he?!

Oh look, it's that harpy girl... Her name is "Mone"? Weird...

So Vegapunk created that Dragon? AND he turned Brownbeard into the croc-centuar? So... Does that mean Basil Hawkins is also a Warlord, and he turned Brownbeard into the Government, who then used Brownbeard as a guinea pig? Or maybe he died, and they just used his corpse to revive him somehow...

THAT NEWSPAPER! It has the Straw Hat Pirates on it, but if you look closely, you'll notice some things... I can't make out some of the bounties, but if you notice, Sanji and Usopp's pictures are both obscured! You only see the back of Sanji's head, and the top of Usopp's face is covered, and he's still called "Sogeking". Not to mention, Chopper, Franky, and Robin's pictures are their old ones. And now Brook's added to the line-up, featuring his Soul King look! I also couldn't help but notice that Luffy, Zoro, and Nami's eyes are partically obscured... What's up with that?

I guess Smoker's one of those guys who feel that the Warlords never really sore loyalty to the Government, and they're just as untrustworthy as they are normally. I guess that's true since, with the exception of Mihawk, who just does his own thing, and Kuma, who's an... interesting case, ALL the Warlords have some kind of other motivation and in some cases are actively defying the Government behind their backs. Not that the Government cares, so long as the public doesn't know about it.

...holy shit... he took Smoker's heart... Is he... dead?

OH SHIT, AND LUFFY JUST SHOWED UP! ...How's he going to react to this?

Super Mario the Hedgehog

...I've been looking forward to it.
Thanks for messaging me about this! You don't know how long I've waited for Funimation to start dubbing One Piece again! With Toonami coming back and now this, life's been pretty swell!


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Yeah... I'm just glad there's someone else into One Piece and more likely to post on this topic about One Piece-related stuff...

Like the latest chapter. I read chapter 668, and here are my thoughts on it:

Ace and Whitebeard's graves... the flowers are gone, that's to be expected. I'm surprised that Ace's hat and Whitebeard's coat are still there, though. They look a bit worn, but still, impressive. Someone must be looking after these graves... or at the very least, SOMEONE recently visited them, given that there's a newspaper of the "Straw Hat Pirates' return" on Ace's grave, as well as a drink in front of it.

Nami doesn't want to team up with Law? Well, I guess she's a bit biased again him, given that he switched the bodies of her with Sanji, Franky, and Chopper.

I like how Luffy asks who Law's after first before deciding to actually go through with it... Boy Oda wants to keep us in suspense, doesn't he? SO many mysteries, so many things we don't know...

Even though Nami's right and we can't necessarily trust Law, I don't blame Luffy for deciding to go with the alliance. After all, Law DID save his life, and taking down one of the Four Emperors would sound like a new adventure for him. ;)

FrankyChopper tries to say "super", even though I'm sure he's feeling particularly UNsuper. This has NOT been a good week for him.

I like Law's reaction at the bottom left-hand panel... It's like he's shocked at what kind of crew Luffy has...

Well, this alliance has ONE good thing, Franky and Chopper both get their bodies back... But since Nami's body isn't there, Nami gets to have Sanji's body. Can't wait to see what THAT looks like!

lol, Robin really HATES having Franky in Chopper's body! XP

Chopper's pretty cruel for laughing at Nami's misfortune. I kind of expected it from Luffy and Usopp but... really, what's so funny? It's not like Nami and Franky's body where it was GENUINELY amusing to see someone like Nami move around in such a big, bulking, robotic body.

Of course, Law wouldn't be interested in taking care of children, but he seems to have some insight about what's going on with them... It makes sense that the World Government would want an army of giants at their disposal... But testing it on CHILDREN?!

Seeing Nami's eyes with Sanji's body is a lot less jarring then seeing Nami's eyes with Franky's body. It's almost cute, actually, since Sanji's body is a lot more human then Franky's...

lol, Law's having a hard time dealing with Luffy's crew. It's like he doesn't understand the idea of a captain sticking by his crew no matter what.

It's funny how rosey-cheeked and cutesy Luffy's being, with the eyelashes and all, all while picking his nose. Yeah, Law needs to understand, Luffy's not the kind of guy to be ordered around, or compromise. Law's going to have to do more work to make sure he stays allied with Luffy, rather than the other way around...

You know, this is becoming a good running joke. Law can only make a shocked face at the weirdness that goes on with Luffy's crew. He's like Robin, only a lot less easy-going with the weirdness.

Also, anyone notice that Chopper and Law have similar-looking hats?

Okay, we finally have a confirmation that Zoro and Sanji can, indeed, use Haki. Makes sense, seeing as they're the strongest crewmembers, alongside Luffy.

The middle panel is... interesting... It's like Oda wanted to show off how simplistic Luffy's mindset is by have a sparkly background...

"Capture" Ceaser Clown? Capture a guy who can turn into gas? NOT as easy as it sounds... And it sounds pretty difficult to begin with.

I like how Law is looking dead series, while Luffy has a big goofy grin on his face. Like he doesn't give a crap about the broader details...

A G5 Marine has a bucket for a helmet? Also, who are these criminals? "Iron Bar" Smoothy? Fen Bock "of the Gourd"? "Rope-Tugging" Chappeh?! ...They have pretty cool designs, though.

Tashigi in Smoker's body is still pretty funny to look at... Same with Smoker ins Tashigi's body...

Oda really knows when to make us hate a villain. Caesar really DOESN'T care who lives and who dies here... And his "pet"? I bet it's a chimera of sorts...

...Well, it isn't. It's a giant ball of slime... Gross. Makes me wonder, how the Hell are Law and the Straw Hats going to deal with THAT?!


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Hey, I'm back... And I'm going to catch up on the chapters I've neglected to read until now.

Chapter 678

So I guess we're going to follow Jimbei along with Caribou. That's cool, I'd like to see what Jimbei does before he joins the Straw Hat Pirates. ;)

Damn, that middle panel makes Brownbeard's alligator legs look so small and... ineffectual at carrying someone of his size. But then again, that's Oda for you.

I knew cutting down the door would bite them in the ass...

I'm reading MangaPanda, and they just said "what the fuck". I wish scanlators would have a bit more class then this, in addition to being more competent at translating.

Wow, the G5 Marines actually work really well together. They're like Pikmin... Take that comparison as you will.

So the entire island is coated. They're trapped. And yet that one snail managed to survive because of some bubble? Also, it's neat to see Brook's spirit ability bt put to such great use.

Then again, I wonder how Brook would be effected. He is, after all, already dead...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that dragon. It's cornered along with the others... I just got a weird idea... What if THAT dragon joined the crew? It's small enough to be able to stay inside the Thousand Sunny, AND it has a lot of practical uses! Somehow I doubt it'll do anything important or relevant during this arc, but hey, a man can dream...

So now everyone's back in their original bodies... And while Sanji DOES have a good reason for the different coat, I'd still say that punch was well-deserved.

So basically, something's going to happen in 2 hours. Luffy's going to try and beat Caesar again, Law's going to get the thing he's been after, the G5 pirates are going to try and escape, AND both they and the Straw Hats are going to try and save the children as well. Sounds like a good enough plan...

Oh wait, I just realized something... Anyone who's left outside is likely dead, right? Does that include the Yeti Cool Brothers? Shoot, I liked them... But then again, since this is FREAKING ODA, I'm sure he'll find SOME WAY for them to survive...

It's cool that, even though the G5 Marines have been shown to be cowards and cads, Smoker still cares about them and wants Tashigi to make sure they are safe (and the children, too).

I also like Zoro's quote, "the New World starts here", and that's a good way of putting it. This is seriously the first challenge that one of the most dangerous places in the world has to offer. Caesar may not LOOK that strong or intimidating, but he certainly seems like a vast improvement over Hody Jones.

They misspelled Straw Hat as "Stray Hat"... ugh.

Did Luffy just fly under the bridge? How... Nevermind.

This actually kind of reminds me of when Luffy fought Arlong. That was the first serious arc, and yet Luffy was acting like his usual goofy self during the fight. Even though he CLAIMED he was fighting seriously, it wasn't until he saw Nami's map room and Arlong stated his intentions to "use" her that Luffy actually DID started taking things seriously. I don't think Caesar's done enough to make Luffy go that far yet, but that's okay. I like the different moves Luffy comes up with when he's mellow like that.

Chapter 679
So Coribou is alive... somehow... Geez, sometimes I get annoyed at just how much Oda stretches out people, even characters who aren't that important, survive such improbable situations. But then again, there's Pell, so pretty much everything is far game, though it DOES make me wonder how anyone CAN die in this series...

You know, Caesar Clown is a lot like Buggy, except slightly less comedic and not AS stupid. It's like... I forget who said it, but one the podcast they said that Caesar's pretty much you're stereotypical overly talky villain who's so overconfident in himself and his genius that he overlooks small details that bite him in the ass later on. Like the very idea that they escaped is so far out of his mind, that not only does that news shock him, but hearing that they're advancing on him as they speak probably gave him a mini-heart attack (if he had one).

So Chopper thought he could run by without being noticed... But Monet did. :eek:

Finally, a map of the lab. That really helps things.

I like Vergo, he's far more competent than Caesar, in that he doesn't underestimate who he's dealing with. ...I also think it's weird that such a serious character has such odd-ball quirks, not just leaving stuff on his face, but also not realizing he's not a swordsman...

An ex-pirate with spider legs... And Luffy just brushes him aside. Those moments where someone boldly announces his name and expects a fight just gets knocked aside so quickly that it almost doesn't matter.

I like how Brook, Zoro, and Kinemon are all fighting the Marines. A trio of powerful swordsman... Plus, Brook is cold while Kinemon is hot! Usopp even calls them the three musketeers!

They bring up the dragon again... Nami says he's cute... He kind of is! I want him to be the Straw Hat Pirates' pet, since Surume left to take Wadatsumi to the far reaches of the ocean. I seriously wonder if the dragon is going to play any bigger role in this arc... It feels like a waste to just bring him here, have characters mention him, then not do anything with him...

Well... It seems that Zoro got over his "Tashigi looks like Kuina" thing... Maybe it was his time with Mihawk that did it.

Crap... The gas is getting some of the G5 men... but wait, what about the dragon? Is he still sitting there, sedated?

I like the ending, the G5 men really do care about their Captain. Poor Tashigi, though, she still cares about her men, so much so that she's willing to face death just to save more.

Chapter 680

Switching to MangaStream, and I don't know if that's an improvement, since the use the term "merman" to describe Jimbei... Either way, since I found out that now chapter 681 is now out, I'm going to do that, too.

Yeah, Coribou and Caribou's crew aren't going to catch up to Jimbei anytime soon.

So that was the "research lab"? I guess Caesar doesn't intend to do anymore research now that he has that "Land of Death" weapon...

Poor Brownbeard... All those guys riding on him, it must be exhausting... But again, I wonder about the dragon...

Ah-HA! So THERE'S the dragon! And it's attacking the Marines! I hope it doesn't get killed anytime soon...

It breaths fire and bites through metal. God-DAMMIT, I want it to join the crew! I freaking love dragons!!!

Oh geez... Vergo has arrived... (I wonder if he used Haki to scare off the dragon?) Worst yet, the G5 Marines don't know he's working against them!

So Vergo knows Shigan? It's awesome to see those "Six Powers" moves again, I always did think they were too cool to just be used with CP9.

They said "Captain Smoker" in the flashback, when really, it should be Commodore Smoker...

Vergo has a sick sister? Hmm... Somehow, I get the feeling that this might be a part of why he's doing this... Wait... Is Vergo... a parent? He seems so wise and knowledgeable... Really, an all-around good Marine on the outside... I wish I knew more about him...

Well... Unlike Caesar, who's quite obviously an evil guy who deceives his moronic subordinates, I can kind of understand why these equally moronic subordinates are shocked to see Vergo act this way... He really doesn't seem like such a bad guy... Sort of.

SANJI TO THE RESCUE! It figures, Tashigi, a woman, asks for help, and Sanji comes to her rescue, even though she's technically his enemy and would definitely not ask for the help of a pirate. Still, Sanji vs. Vergo... Seems like an awesome match-up!

Wait... I wonder... Is that hardening ability a combination of Tekkai and Haki?

Oh geez, that Dragon's going to attack them! I hope they don't kill it like the last one... I once was "called out" but getting sad over a dragon dying, but guys who said the Straw Hats kill all sorts of creatures and eat them, and yet, I just really like dragons! And since we're getting so much information about this dragon, I just don't want to see it get killed!

Again, Caesar shows no regard to the lives of his allies and wants them all dead just to show off how awesome and amazing his superweapon is...

I kind of like that panel, where Luffy's clearly exhausted and seemingly burnt and dirty, but Smoker's all fine and such. Their banter is rather funny, too.

Caesar's face, right before Luffy punches him... It's a little weird... Like, not his normal Caesar face... It actually looks like just a normal surprised person's face, emphasis on "normal".

So Luffy's finally going to beat the crap out of Caesar this time! But what's Smoker going to do?

Chapter 681

OH SHIT! Jimbei and Caribou actually WENT to G5 Marine Headquarters?! But Jimbei's a wanted pirate now! Also, will this play into the current plot at all?

lol, Caesar's face! X3X

"Shorted route by fastest speed", huh? Faster than Soru? Vergo probably used that to get to the G5 Marines quickly.

Law probably WILL betray Luffy... But then again, even if he did, Luffy will still trust Law and doe as he says... Still, I wonder what will happen when Caesar is "captured"? Does it matter how he's captured?

I like how Caesar assumes he's at an advantage, even though he just revealed that Luffy is safe at that distance. Guess he doesn't realize that Luffy also specializes in quick, hard-hitting, long distance attacks as well.

He made a blue sword... out of gas? Either way, Luffy's still having a hard time with this guy...

I love how that shocked Caesar face has no teeth. XP

Wait, NOW Monet steps in? What kind of powers does she have...

Oh, I see, so apparently Caesar Clown is important because Doflamingo says so. And if anything happens to him, Doflamingo will "take care of" everyone involved with him. I like how Luffy calls him "the bird man from the war". I wonder when he'll finally confront Doflamingo, if at all?

I like how Vergo just keeps his composure during his fight with Sanji. Like he gets kicked through a wall, and still has the same, serious look on his face.

I can only imagine how strong that kick was, and how strong Sanji is to block it like that... It's almost like his fight with Mr. 2!

"S.A.D. Production room"? Do we finally see what Law is after? Is it possible that it's one of the legendary ancient superweapons? Or something worse? Either way...