Mario Kart 7 Tournament


Dry Bowser
My brother has been nagging me on for days to make a MK7 ya go.

1) No hacks...cheats are ok ;)
2. You can't lie when telling me who won. If I find out you lied, the other person who even lost moves on. I will wait until the other user also says that you/they won.
3. You must have the game and be able to go online
4. PM me if the time slot won't work.
5. I will post here, and pm you what the time you will be racing.

Sign Ups

1. Kirby
2. New Super Mario
3. New Super Yoshi
4. N64 Dude
5. BaseballYoshi24
6. Tulaash
7. Lily

I will post my Friend code later
Red Barchetta said:
I'd like to know the time so I can see if it works for me, please.
Every match has a different time I believe so it works with everyone's schedules.

Sign me up, my code is in the 3DS market place

Also, you have to create a community thread for the tournament to take place in and give it to everyone


Celestial Guide
Don't make my Matches last over 5PM EST

EDIT:Please ban the Maka Wuhu shortcut and track spamming for also make it 100cc or 150cc, NOT Mirror.
Vinnie said:
I think it should take place in MM15's community
I think he said he was making a new one for his tournaments.

Anyway, I think he always puts 150cc anyway, and he can just ban the Maka Wuhu shortcut so you can still race there.


Dry Bowser
I wont make the community yet until im certain there is going to be enough people

NSM: You should post your FC here too


Katyusha best Girls Und Panzer Girl
Can i join? my 3DS Friend Code is 0774-4490-5639
i know my FC off By Heart
Discord said:
Peter Sam said:
I would love to join, but I don't want to give out my Friend Code. So no.
Finally, someone like me.
I respect that you like your privacy but your missing out on fun MK7 matches. I'm guilty of loving defeating people on my friends list >:)

I'll join if it works with my time zone. which it wont, so sorry.


King Bowser
Please make my matches between midnight and 5AM EST.


King Bowser
New Super Mario said:
SKmarioman said:
Please make my matches between midnight and 5AM EST.
Midnight? I don't see very many people coming on at Midnight to play Mario Kart 7.
Well I'm in Australia, and this time is actually between 4PM and 9PM for me, which is just after school so it's a good time for me.
Devil Jin said:
Anybody know how to find out your time EST? Because I'm in Australia so it'll be a Wierd time.