Kill the person above you


Donkey Kong
Whether it be simple, complex, funny, stupid, or otherwise, you have to kill the person above you.
So get cracking.

Pine Marten Truex Jr.

Toadeightyfive; used to be here but peaced out
Evil Magikrazy said:
Toad2012 said:
Isn't this against the code of conduct or something?
Is it? I didn't know. If it is, can someone lock this or move it to the storage?
No, I'm actually not sure. It's a game, of course, so I know it doesn't go against the flaming rule, but...


Donkey Kong
It is just a game. I can't even count how many times Giga Koloktos has killed me, so yeah, I guess I'll start.

I use a life size version of Mouse Trap to trap you in a cage where you eventually starve to death.