Anyone play BYOND games or Like Naruto?


Koopa Troopa
If you are familiar with Byond then you should know it is a place where people make online fangames. Well a friend of mine just whipped up a Naruto RPG game (Yes i know there are a lot of them on BYOND) but here everyone can have a chance at a Kage or W/e Organization or special thing you want to be. Its an RPG so its not that actual Action packed but they do get fun to play. Grand Opening is Saturday and if people are interested Ill put link up on Saturday for you guys to check it out.
Alright on saturday ill give you the link you will need ot download Byond it self everything is free! on Saturday go to Byond.coma nd download Byond then ill give you the link to the game itself.
lol most people havent but remeber oyu must DOWNLOAD BYOND BEFORE YOU CAN PLAY THE GAME! Because of schedule difficulties the game is most likley to be released sunday.
My friend made a game but didnt post it on BYOND(the grave lolz). And yes i like naruto alot alot alot(but not fanboy like)
I love Naruto! Sasuke is my all-time favorite character! Go Sharingon,
Curse Mark, and Chidori!
I download BYOND and it crashed my computer.