The Animal Crossing Gift Giver Giving Thread


Masami Iwasawa
Hey, YoshiKartWii here with a new thread

yeah the title's a little long,
but here's an explanation
you see, i'm "The Animal Crossing Gift Giver" in "The Animal Crossing Gift Giver Giving Thread"

a name i gave myself once i finally learned to hack Animal Crossing City Folk,
one day, while playing said game i though...
"you know, people should be able to do this too,
even the ones who don't hack.
i know! i'll give them what they want!"

so that's why i'm here,
to give you guys what you want! :D

all that you are needed to do is post or PM me your FC of Animal Crossing City Folk

then we add each other,
you tell me what you want,
and you get it for free!

that's right... free!

the catch?
i want to see people in my town,
that's not crazy xD

ok, maybe a little

so, here's the date of when i'll be able to send you guys your gifts:

Saturday, February 4th & Sunday, February 5th

note: i have to come to your town and drop it off for you to get your gift,
i can't send it because, who KNOWS when it'll come
so that means you can get up to 25 gifts at a time!