How Much have you completed on your Videogames?

Simple, Write some games and write how much you've completed them! I'll start with my 3DS Games. Theres not many but it's all I have.

Mario Kart 7: 75%+ (3 Stars on All Cups, Almost All Parts)
Rayman 3D: 40%+ (Not too Sure, Ending Half of Levels, Not Many Lums)
Starfox 64 3D: 70%+ (Easy Path Complete, Normal Path Complete, Hard Path 50%)
Super Mario 3D Land: 90% (Completed All Levels w/ Mario, All Medal Things, Almost Finished w/ Luigi)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: 50% (100% Normal Run, Hardly Started Master Quest)

I should probably play Rayman 3D a bit more and get a higher percentage. Maybe JoshJepson's LP will help with Lums.


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I've 100% the following:
*SMG (both)
*LoZ: OoT
*LoZ: TP :)roll:)
*Metroid Prime 1 and 2
*Chrono Trigger
*SW: KOTOR (sort of: it's technically impossible to truly 100% any one playthrough, but I did complete a full-built light side Guardian)

I have varying stages of completion on several others, like Corruption, MM10, and Skyward Sword.


Gallade is awesome.
Mario Kart 7: 40%
Ocarina of Time 3D: 1%(I suck at that game)


Yoshidude is here
Just putting these two for now
Crash Mind Over Mutant:70%(it is impossible to 100% ifyou don't use co-op)