Top 10 episodes of your favorite T.V. shows.

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Here, you can list the top 10 episodes of any show you like. Just state the show's name, list the 10 episodes and state why you like the episodes. To provide more flexibility, you can list episodes that are in a story arc as a single episode.

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30 Rock. Got to do homework so I can't list off the reasons, but they're all hilarious and you should watch them.

10. "Jackie Jormp-Jomp"
9. "The Funcooker"
8. "Fireworks"
7. "The Source Awards"
6. "Mrs. Donaghy"
5. "Episode 210"
4. "Future Husband"
3. "100"
2. "Hiatus"
1. "Tracy Does Conan"



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Star Trek: The Next Generation:

1. The Best of Both Worlds (2-part episode)
2. Tapestry
3. Redemption (2-part episode)
4. Unification (2-part episode)
5. I, Borg
6. Descent (2-part episode)
7. Datalore
8. Time's Arrow (2-part episode)
9. The Inner Light
10. Darmok

My version, anyway. Placement on that list may vary.


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Teen Titans
  • Season 5: "Homecoming" (two part ep) {Beastboy briefly becomes a toucan in part two.}
  • Season 4: "The Quest" {The ending is hilarious.}
  • Season 1: "Nevermore" {Multiple Raven personalities.}
  • Season 5: "Go!" {Loved finally hearing the story of how the Titans came to be.}
  • Season 4: "Cyborg the Barbarian" {Cyborg. 'Nuff said.}
  • Season 3: "Revolution" {Mad Mod. 'Nuff said.}
  • Season 4: "The End" (three part ep) {Raven. 'Nuff said.}
  • Season 4: "Episode 257-494" {Control Freak. 'Nuff said.}
  • Season 1: "Detention" {Mad Mod. 'Nuff said.}
  • Season 2: "Only Human" {Cyborg. 'Nuff said.}

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1. Return To New York Trilogy
The turtles and Master Splinter return to New York to have a rematch against the Shredder with April helping out by navigating the them through Shredder's HQ. The first half of Part 3 has the turtles temporarily working with Shredder to take down Stockman. The story arc ends with Leonardo finishing off the Shredder once and for all...or so the turtles think.

2. Secret Origins Trilogy
The turtles are finally reunited with Master Splinter after eight consecutive episodes trying to figure out the cause of his sudden disappearance and learn how they came into existence as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Shredder also reveals his true physical identity to the turtles.

3. Meet Casey Jones
Debut of Casey and the Battleshell. 'Nuff said.

4. Identity Crisis
The turtles become evil (and they look even more badass as villains), and are turned back to normal thanks to April and Serling sending them on a trip down memory lane. Now if only all the memories actually occurred in previous episodes, and personally I'd would've preferred Raph to stay evil for at least two more episodes.

5. Wedding Bells and Bytes
April and Casey get married and the episode featured almost all of the turtle's allies.

6. Fathers and Sons
Reveals how the turtles got their masks and why Splinter decided to start training them as ninjas and the turtles took down their first villain.

7. Tale of Master Yoshi
Origins of Master Splinter and Master Yoshi revealed and the foreshadowing towards the fifth season was a nice touch.

8. City At War Trilogy
A 3-way battle to control New York city between the villains becomes even crazier when Leonardo gets involved, hoping to stop the fight and I like the argument between Leo and Raph because as strange as it may sound, they're both right. Also, Karai, the Shredder's daughter makes her debut.

9. Same As It Never Was
Darkest episode ever. Dontello finds out what would happen if the Shredder ruled the world.

10. The Ancient One/Scion of the Shredder
In the former Leonardo finally snaps out of his bad mood and finally realizes that despite the fact the turtles and Master Splinter were defeated by the Shredder, he did his best and that's what's important. In the latter, Karai becomes the new Shredder in order to avenge her father and finds the turtle's lair and kills the turtles (except for Leonardo) and Master Splinter, or so she thinks. Also, I like how this is the only episode where Leonardo plays a minor role while his family gets most of the screentime.
From Transformers:

1. The Rebirth (3 parts)
2. Ghost in the Machine
3. Grimlock's New Brain
4. The Five Faces of Darkness (5 parts)
5. Masquerade
6. Cosmic Rust
7. Call of the Primatives

Can't think of the last 3.


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My Top 10 Adventure Time episodes:

1. Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake
2. Holly Jolly Secrets
3. To Cut A Woman's Hair
4. Slow Love
5.Guardians of Sunshine
6. The Creeps
7. Belly of The Beast
8. Susan Strong
9. The Chamber of Frozen Blades
10. Blood Under the Skin

The list's order is a bit messed up in a way... But these ten are the most memorable and funniest episodes to me.


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Just pick any ten episodes of Fringe you like (though I have to recommend "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide").

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1. A Poached Ego
Probably the best example of "Even Evil Has Standards" as Team Rocket foil a poacher's plan to capture a group of Ekans and Koffing and Team Rocket proves that they're not as weak as they look since Meowth states that the cage's electricity is nothing compared to Pikachu's attack and they're all able to survive after getting blasted by a Tyranitar's Hyper Beam. One of the finest bitter-sweet endings as Jessie and James lose Arbok and Wheezing, in order to protect the wild Ekans and Koffing but James gets a new friend.

2. Me, Myself and Time
Ash pretty much gets the episode all to himself and he spends a majority of it with a cute girl and her future self. ^_^ If anybody should be Ash's girlfriend, it should be Calista.

3. Watt's With Wattson
Ash wins his Dynamo Badge by only using Pikachu. Crowning moment of funny when it turns out that Pikachu using Iron Tail on the Robot Raikou supercharged Pikachu and it was nice to see Ash trying to return the badge since he found out he didn't exactly win fair and square.

4. Maylene vs. Ash (sorry, I forgot the episode title)
The only time Ash ties with a Gym Leader rather than either winning or losing.

5. Uncrushing Defeat
I don't really support the AshXDawn pairing, but it was nice to see Dawn try to cheer him up and it while Ash's Pokemon took a while to recover, their emotional recovery was even faster.

I'll come up with the other half some other time.


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The Nanny (what else?)

1) Strange Bedfellows
Fran gets drunk and many interesting things happen between her, Mistah Sheffield, Niles, and CC. This is definitely my favorite episode.

2) Finale (both parts)
The twins are born, a certain butler and business partner get married, etc. There's an amazingly heartbreaking montage to The Way We Were at the end. I bawled.

3) Close Shave
This tells you all you need to know.

4) Where's the Pearls?
Elizabeth Taylor trusts Fran to take her pearls somewhere, but an insane taxi driver causes Fran to hit her head and develop amnesia. I love Fran's attempts to remember what her life was like, and the not-so-minor details she gets wrong.

5) The Whine Cellar
Fran and CC are trapped in the wine cellar together. Again, enough said.

6) The Nanny Napper
Fran inadvertently "kidnaps" a foreign woman's baby boy while riding the subway, and tries to take care of him, find out where to take him, and face kidnapping charges.

7) What the Butler Sang
Fran's sister Nadine comes to stay at the house and a sibling rivalry develops in which they act more like children than full-grown women.

8) Schlepped Away
While trying to escape snowy New York City for a vacation in the Caribbean, a snowstorm forces the Sheffields to stay at Fran's parent's apartment.

9) Here Comes the Brood
CC attempts (and fails miserably) to bond with the children by taking them to the zoo while Fran is attending her cousin's wedding as a bridesmaid. Contains humorous glimpses into Fran's family's utter lack of class and death threats by Fran to CC.

10) Ship of Fran's
Shot on location, this episode features the Sheffields' and Fran's Caribbean cruises which, so conveniently for Mistah Sheffield, happen to be at the same time on the same ship. Fran is looking for "the man of her dreams," but he's not all he's cracked up to be.

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Continuing Pokemon...

6. The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World
Ash wins his last Sinnoh badge and Infernape finally uses it's Blaze ability without losing control.

7. A Scare to Remember
An amnesia-struck Pikachu joins Team Rocket

8. The Symbol Life
Ash's Charizard vs. an Articuno. Do I need to say anything else?

9. Cutting the ties that bind!
Nice tender episode between Ash and Sceptile after the latter is unable to attack and in the end, Sceptile is able to battle again.

10. Gathering the Gang of Four/Pace-The Final Frontier
Ash reunites with his first four Pokemon and wins his last frontier symbol.


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I think my favorite spongebob shows are "Pizza Delivery" (Krusty Krayaya yayaya yaya pizza is the pizza yeah for you and meeEehee), the unedited version of "Just One Bite" (Does this look unsure to you?) and "Dying For Pie" (These aren't homemade, they were made in a factory. A bomb factory. They're bombs).

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1. The Ballad of Buster Baxter
Buster's back, nice musical episode focusing on the weakened friendship between Buster and the other characters, and everyone reconciles in the end.

2. Elwood City Turns 100
Buster's Dr. Ector song and real world celebrities that appeared in earlier episodes return for cameos.

3. The Silent Treatment
George learns what the world would be like if he didn't exist and learns his friends do care about him.

4. Francine's Big Top Trouble
Finally, something the others are able to do that Francine can't. Nice tender episode focusing on Francine living in her sister's shadow.

5. The Rat Who Came To Dinner
Mr. Ratburn reveals his fun side. 'Nuff said.

6. Desk Wars
The hot summer day causes the class to erupt into a fight but thanks to George, they manage to reconcile in the end.

7. Kids Are From Earth, Parents Are From Pluto
The kids are embarrassed by their parents' behavior? Wow. XD

8. April 9th
After a school accident, the cast all deal with the confusion in their own way.

9. Postcards From Buster
Cartoon plus live-action equals win. Also, the start of Buster's spin-off.

10. Buster's Best Behavior
Arthur and Buster act like each other. Semi-hilarity ensues.


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What about the one about selling things on the internet? Buster: "Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies!?"

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You know, you're free to make your own list. :posh:

Also, for the internet selling one, although Buster's line of kids cheating kids melting the very fabric of society and questions who wants to wear melty fabric was kind of gold.

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Well, Buster's funny in every episode he appears in. Except for the one where he steals a toy from a pharmacy and gets himself and Arthur in trouble.

Oh, and while they're still fresh in my mind:


1. Clash in the Colliseum
First real duel between Yugi and Kaiba and using their Egyptian God cards against each other was one of the most epic things ever on the show. Also, debuts Dark Paladin, one of Yugi's best monsters.

2. Yugi vs. Joey/Marik (don't remember the episode title)
Yugi has to duel Joey to save him from Marik's mind control and he chooses to do it alone instead of relying on the pharoah. Also, the first time Yugi uses Red Eyes Black Dragon

3. On the Wrong Track
Rematch between Joey and Rex (didn't care that much about Yugi and Weevil's rematch). Joey's reunited with his Red Eyes and debuts one of his best monsters, Gearfried the Swordmaster and he combines his Red Eyes with Hermos to create the most badass sword in Yu-Gi-Oh! history.

I'll come up with the rest of the episodes once I figure out their titles.


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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island:

4th: Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!
No Svetlana, Staci's eliminated, and Cameron's wimpyness isn't shown as much.

3rd: Finders Creepers
No one eliminated, Brick peed his pants too much, but tentacle monster sence is funny. "To defeat a squid monster, you have to duck, duck, jump, punch!" "Or we could throw rocks." "That too."

2nd: Truth or Laser Shark
B's full name is revealed, Sam has an awesome face when his video games get confiscated, Brick mentions peeing his pants, Cameron wins a challange, SVETLANA

1st: Ice Ice Baby
B finally speaks, maggots feel pain(Jo is trying to keep their ice castle from melting, Cameron is getting mauled by beetles, Brick gets into a fight, Zoey painfully witnesses Vito, Mike is Vito, exception Anne Maria), Sam gets frozen solid, Anne Maria is used as a sheild, what's not to love?