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Do you have this game? I used to have this for 3DS but it got stolen/missing and I got this Scribblenauts remix for my iPad and I can create everything, I tried to make Kirby in this game so I use this items; Pink, Heavy, Smiling, Alive and Balloon

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Have the original on the DS, plus Remixed for the Ipod (Wish it had more levels), it's a lot of fun just messing around with what you can come up with.

Giant Friendly Invincible Fast Winged Fire-Breathing Marble Oriental Dragon ftw.

Need to pick up Super Scribblenauts sometime.


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I might give that game a shot. It'll at least keep me occupied for a few days before the 3DS comes to my home.

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Yeah, I love this game. I also managed to pick up the sequel for a great prince not long after it was released.


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I have both Scribblenauts DS titles and love them. Very fun game.