New Years Celebration (personal narrative)


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Just another personal narrative I was assigned to write in school. I feel the need to show you guys and get criticism to improve my writing. Also, if ya didn't notice, I quoted MCS at the second sentence of the fourth paragraph. :P.

Have you ever invited friends over to a New Years Celebration? On December 31st, 2011, in my house in Forked River, New Jersey, my family and I were preparing for a New Years Party and I was stoked to bond with my family. My parents were also inviting their friends Pete, Jackie, and -their new born, baby girl, Lexie to celebrate with us. They were on their way to our house.
Meanwhile, my parents were making the appetizers for the party. They were cooking some potato skins, miniature hot dogs, and chips and dip. The process took about 20 minutes each. The food smelled mouthwatering.
By the time my parents were finished cooking the food, Pete and Jackie had entered the front door along with Lexie. They came across my Yorkshire terrier, Jasmin's newborn puppies and they were the center of attention for a short while. Shortly after, we started munching on our scrumptious potato skins, petite hot dogs, and chips and dip. Although, I only ate the potato skins and the tiny hot dogs.
After our feast, we started debating whether or not the world would end in 2012 based off of the Mayan calender. In a stern manner, I exclaimed," I find it absolutely ridiculous that scientists predict an apocalypse will begin just because the Mayan calendar ended. All the calendars in my house are on the last page. Does that mean it's the end of the world? No, it just means that the year is almost over and I need to buy a new calendar. The scientists' logic is not legit at all." Thereafter, Jackie instantly replied, "I completely agree and that's a valid point you got there."
After our debate, Jackie and Pete departed from our house along with Lexie. With that, we celebrated the last 10 minutes of our party and started to get our clappers for the ball drop. 9 minutes later, the countdown begun and we started counting along with the timer. As soon as it got to one, we immediately shaked our clappers around, for the new year had just begun. This experience was special to me because it was a time of bonding with family and friends.


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