Miyamato's new game


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The official topic.
What do you think? It's exciting that he's making something original.


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If you'd rather not read it from IGN (for obvious reasons), ZeldaInfomer's article here.


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Not much to talk about until we get an idea of what it is/will be like.


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Toad2012 said:
Well, this is interesting.
I was about to wonder why you have LJN's logo in your sig, but then I saw AVGN's slight rant on it.

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I bet he's just gonna smush all his games together, you know like incorporate all the best elements of Pikmin, Mario, LoZ, DK, ect. into one super game.


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He could incorporated some elements from earlier games, but I want it to be something original.


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I thought I already commented on this topic... Maybe it was a different forum...

Either way, I heard about a year or so ago that Shigeru Miyamoto felt the urge to create a new Nintendo character or a new game, in a similar vain to how he created Pikmin.

I like that, I love to see what kind of games Nintendo comes up with! Especially from "the Leonardo da Vinci of Video Games" himself.


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Last time he decided to just do his own thing and make a game out of it we got Pikmin. Hopefully magic will strike again.