Rapid Rainstorm (personal narrative)


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Just a personal narrative I was assigned in school. I feel the need to show you guys and get criticism to improve my writing. Also, if you didn't notice, I referenced Link: The Faces of Evil in the second sentence of the third paragraph. :P.

Have you ever had to sit in your house whilst a rainstorm and blackout were occurring? On July 8th, 2009, in Toms River, New Jersey, my courageous, 25 year-old brother, Johnathan was driving his orange sports car along with me in which I was terrified as it was thundering as loud as an earth tremor. The rainclouds had been rapidly pouring as we were on our way to his apartment.
As we triumphantly arrived, we heard a loud crash! A transformer had been blown out by the lightning, which shortly resulted in a blackout. We nervously sprinted into his apartment and cautiously got up the stairs in the dull lighting of the living room. I carefully grabbed my Nintendo DSiXL to use as a light source so Johnathan and I could be able to see our surroundings without tripping and/or bumping into any of our possessions.
About 10 minutes later, I shortly grew bored. In a tired manner, I pleaded to Johnathan, "Golly, it sure is boring around here. Why don't we do something fun to pass the time instead of just sitting around like ducks?" He gleefully replied, "Why, that's a great idea! Perhaps you'd care to join in for a game of Monopoly: Nintendo Edition?" I instantly shook my head in agreement and we readied all the materials needed for the game.
When we started, I was using the Koopa Shell pawn while Jonathan was using the Iron Boot pawn. We used rock-paper-scissor to determine who started first, which resulted in me getting the first turn and landing on a Get out of Jail Free Card, which I put to good use later on through the game. All of a sudden in the middle of our game, kaboom! The lightning and thunder had struck again. As I trembled with fear, my brother grasped my hand and assured me that the storm would soon subside and everything would be the norm again Shortly after all the commotion, we went back to the game. My brother was pretty strategic, but despite all of his tricky tactics, I won, which caused me to boast just a tad, but as good sportsmen, we ended up shaking hands and agreeing that it was a fair match.
As the game ended, it was around 6:00 a.m. and the rain had ceased. It turned out that Johnathan and I had so much fun that we lost track of the time. Because of this reminiscent experience, my brother and my relationship had grown as time went on and we've bonded from time and time again.


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Interesting... I remember the blackout before Brawl Day.
Had to play Othello with my friend who was sleeping over.