Wii help


Shine Sprite
I rented a game yesterday and it was working fine yesterday. Then when I put it in it wasn't working. What happened?


Artisanal Cheese Taster
Not really enough info. Are you sure that you are putting it in the right way? Is it scratched?


Shine Sprite
Yes I'm sure I put it in the right way and if it was scratched it wouldn't have worked yesterday. Oh and I rented MP8 the other day and it wouldn't work so we returned it. I also restarted my Wii a couple of times too. Oh and you know how when you put in a disk it has like a title screen type thing in the disk channel? I put it and that appeared but it wouldn't work.

EDIT:Oh and just to clarify here's the title screen thing that I was talking about


Cosmic Beauty
How old is your Wii? If you've been using it too much, the disc-reading lens will get worn out. In fact, a dual-layered ISO can also play a factor in this stuff.