Which is better, MLP: Friendship is Magic or Adventure Time?


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So, I'm a fan of MovieBob/The Game Overthinker, and I watch his stuff on The Escapist and ScrewAttack. His latest episodes on one of his series, The Big Picture, he talks about how The Simpsons are still funny.

However, in the second part of this Simpsons talk, he brings up something...

Which is the better show, My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic or Adventure Time.


He says Adventure Time. :(

Now, I don't mean to start any flame wars or huge arguments or debates, but... Man, that's a tought choice. I want to say Friendship is Magic, but they're both awesome, in their own unique ways... Which one is better, in your opinion.


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I've never watched Adventure Time. I'd say that it looks stupid but then again, that's what I said about MLP.


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I like neither of them.


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Meh I kinda have to go with FiM. I've seen episodes of Adventure Time, but I found it a bit too strange. It was still fun to watch no doubt. But FiM is the first cartoon since Avatar: The Last Airbender that I get really into. I feel more excited for an FiM episode then I do the next Adventure Time episode.

But to each your own. While I think FiM is a better overall cartoon. I can understand when people like Adventure Time more (Even if sometimes I may think it's because it has more action per episode for some of those people)

EDIT: Also they're sort of different cartoons anyway. FiM is for the most part a Slice of Life while Adventure Time is well like the title says an Adventure series. They're better at what they do best. Of course Adventure Time has better action and adventure elements of FiM because there's not many elements to FiM that are too adventurous besides a few episodes. However FiM does beat Adventure Time in something: Characterization in general and Character interaction.


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Avatar was amazing. It's last episode was kind of a let down (but only because Avatar Aang was pretty much unstoppable). I can't wait for the sequel series...


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Adventure Time's alright, but I don't really watch it unless either nothing else is on or my brother had it on and I'm too lazy to change the channel.

FiM, on the other hand, is the only show I watch on a regular basis right now and has become one of my favorite recent cartoons.

So yeah, FiM for me. I could definitely understand why some people would like Adventure Time more though.


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For a more lengthy thing on my thoughts. Here's 2 things from a guy that for the most part I agree with on Cartoons. He more so talks about each one in these 2 videos and doesn't really compare any. But overall most of his thoughts on both shows are very similar to mine.

For Adventure Time, Skip ahead to 9:19 into the video and watch until 13:30

And from the same guy. And yes I know it's very, very long. The entirety of this video.


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For all I've seen of Adventure Time, it wasn't too good, but it still beats Friendship is Magic.


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To each his own. Adventure Time to me is just something to watch if there's nothing else on. And that's it. Same goes for Regular Show. It's a good show alright, it certainly beats FiM in what it's focus is (Random Humor and Action). Though in general Adventure Time and FiM are very different cartoons. But looking at the overall quality. From design, characterization, music, atmosphere, etc. Friendship is Magic is just better at that.

There's a reason it's more popular then Adventure Time on the internet. And it isn't because of conspiracies, coincidences, or other irrelevant reasons you can think of to try to prove the opposite is actually the truth. (Fanbases shouldn't change your judgement either. Every fanbase has their assholes that are just more vocal then the majority. There are no excuses if you go as low as to even judge it just because of any limited fan exposure you might have seen)


They're different. MLP, though unique in being a girls' cartoon where they actually tried, is more formulaic than the surreal Adventure Time. Though the latter is confusing, it's still entertaining in its sheer strangeness. FiM is more standard and aimed at a slightly younger audience (which ironically is not the largest audience), but has crisp animation and strong character development for a cartoon (dare I say better than most crap on TV?).

I enjoy both, though FiM's often annoying yet always extremely fun fandom is probably what tips it to them. Objectively, they're simply different.


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Pokémon Trainer Red said:
Lario said:
For all I've seen of Adventure Time, it wasn't too good, but it still beats Friendship is Magic.
I like how you became a fan of the show for about two days and then saw one episode you didn't like and started bashing it.


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The only part of Adventure Time I've actually seen was the original short way back when, and even than I couldn't get through much of it. So I guess I prefer MLP.


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I have never seen adventure time, but from looking at it it looks like the creator was on drugs when he created it.


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Great. I finally find someone who agrees the Simpsons is still funny and he turns around and says Adventure Time is better than FiM.