Userpedia Featured Image Committee is Looking for New Members!

Yep, we're looking for new members. I'm the director of the committee, and recently activity has been going down, so I figured it may help to get some more members. What we do, you may ask?

Well, each week (sometimes bi-weekly) we have a certain topic (such as art made by Edo, or anything hand drawn) and everyone in the committee foes on userpedia and finds their favorite picture that fits with that topic. Then nominations close and we all vote for which image deserves to be on the main page. The one with the most votes is the one I put on, and then we begin the next week, with a new topic.

However, there are some rules if you are to join:

1. Have both a Userpedia and Userpedia Forum account.

2. Be polite to other members and respect their decisions

3. Be active!

If you can do all these, contact me on this forum or the UP forums.

If you seek more info, contact me, or the Sub-Directors, MCD and Hypnotoad.

We would really appreciate if you could help out!




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I will also add that it doesn't take too much time to do. You see pictures all the time on Userpedia, and even within the Fan Creations section of MW Forums. A lot of those people have an account on Userpedia and can, and may already have, uploaded their images to their UP page. Voting just takes as long as scrolling through the forum topic and saying which one you like. It's an easy enough job, helps boost activity within the community, and encourages more of our users to continue creating artwork and sharing it with us :)


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I would join, but I'm not that great with finding pictures. I know you say it's easy, but I highly doubt I'd be useful.
Also, I don't have a UP account though that can be fixed in a few seconds.
Yep, it doesn't take too long, maybe 10 minutes each week of your time.

Lily just joined. She seems active on the forums so I hope she can help out
Yeah, you're in sorry about that.

Also if you got accepted (Goomba'sShoe, Nabber, and Koopakid) you guys should gain access to the featured images board within a day or two.