Zelda Game Ratings

In this thread, list all Zelda games you've played (in order)) and give them ratings out of 10 stars.

1. OoT3D: 9.75/10
2. Four Swords: 9/10
3. The Legend of Zelda: 5/10
4. The Legend of Zelda 2: 5/10
5. The Minish Cap: Haven't got far enough to rate
6. Skyward Sword: Haven't got far enough to rate

I might get The Wind Waker sometime this week too


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*Twilight Princess: 6.5/10
*Ocarina of Time: 9.5/10
*Majora's Mask: 10/10
*Skyward Sword: pending, but 10/10 so far.


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Since all the games are on different platforms, the ratings will be altered accordingly to the platform it's on.

Link's Awakening: 8/10 (It is my first Zelda game)
Oracle of Ages: 9.5/10
Oracle of Seasons: 5/10
A Link to the Past: 7/10
Four Swords Adventure: 9/10
Orcarina of Time: 10/10
Twilight Princess: 9.5/10
Skyward Sword: Haven't gotten that far, but I bet it'll be good.