Ipod Touch apps?

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So I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas (Yay!) and I was wondering, what are some good apps out there? Any kind, just list how much they cost and what you think about them.


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Definitely get the Pandora radio app if you're really into music. Pretty sure it's free.

Everyone is absolutely insane about Angry Birds. I personally don't see the big deal, but they have lite and paid versions and holiday versions and that if you want to check it out.

Memebase. :) It has stuff from almost all the Cheezburger sites, not just Memebase. If you're into that, anyway.

Fruit Ninja is addicting, lite and paid versions. I love it.

Everyone loves Doodle Jump. I think it's paid only :l

I have this one Skee-Ball app that's really fun. It has both free and paid. It's just called Skee-Ball, lol.

Well those are some suggestions to start. Hope I helped :)


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Fruit Ninja, Temple Run and Sporcle are good.

I've also been playing FIFA 12 endlessly this week.


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I already made a topic for this. Anyway, let me go find some good apps. I reccommend you check say IGN for deals (you can get some good games for free, MOnopoly went on sale the other day.)

SAT Question of the Day - sorry, just love doing these.
Unblock Me - may only be for iPad. Same goes for the rest of these.
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Tiny Tower
Nyah Cat Lost in Space - not so good but it's the freaking Nyan Cat.
ESPN ScoreCenter


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apocalypseArisen said:
So I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas (Yay!) and I was wondering, what are some good apps out there? Any kind, just list how much they cost and what you think about them.
I got one too! ILOVEIT! I haven't downloaded anything that is not free. Some of the free things are nice. Especially one called Sky Burger. It is where on the bottom there is a giant bottom of a burger and you need to catch all the ingredients it says at the top. And if you catch the top to early you loose. Once I needed to put: 12 burgers, 12 Cheese, 12 Lettuce, 12 Pickles, and 12 Onions. It went over the sky scrapers in the background.


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Chaos Rings- iPod exclusive JRPG by Square Enix, has four sets of playable characters, each with their own storyline. A fairly simple turn-based battling system is easy to pick up, yet complicated enough to challenge. The bosses are epic, the screenplay is superb, writing is magnificent, and the music is boss. Has fantastic replay value and several secrets as well. Runs around $15, but gave me just as much playtime as several of my better Wii offerings that I got for $50. Has a prequel that is in the same vein, and is quite harder, worth picking up if you enjoy the first. Runs around $13.

Zenonia (series) - These games are fantastic. I recommend buying the first two games, since those are glorious, and if you love those, pick up the third. I haven't played the fourth due to compatibility issues, but it is free currently, so I'd recommend downloading it and putting it off if you can. Each game runs around $3 currently, less for the earlier ones. The series is an action-based RPG, with a top-down view and lots of classic action battling. It has sidequests aplenty, and the writing is quite good, especially when they reference other games oddly. Zenonia 1 gave me 70 hours of gameplay to get to Lvl 99 and 100% it, same with Zenonia 2.

Those two above are must-buys for a guy actually trying to game on an iPod.


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Also, if you insist on getting one of these real-time games that lets you socialize with other players, I recommend one by storm8 (pm me if you need to know more) since those are the ones with good community activity.

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Lovin' the suggestions so far, thanks.

Also, is there anything good that I can buy off of this list?:



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I'll ask my brother. He has an iPod Touch.
Then I'll let you know :)

EDIT: Jetpack Joyride *free*
Temple Run *free*
Plants Vs. Zombies *$4-5*