Spoiler tags?

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Do we have 'em?
I agree.

Alternatively, one could post SPOILERS!! before spoilers or put it into the topic title.[/b]
Or simply, use a white font like this., it work very well, especially if you are using the Wiki alliance skin.
Spoiler Tags > White colour.

crystalking said:
put spoilers like this

I agree, that's a really good idea!
I think just the option would be nice because i dont wanna see ssbb spoilers but i did because of the lack of this:*SPOILERS*
I agree, but more so on the actual wiki. I was browsing some articles and found a lot of stuff that spoiled a game for me that I hadn't even finished yet, and no warnings of spoilers, either.
As I recall, the main argument against spoiler tags on the wiki was that the focus of the wiki tends to lean towards the story and, therefore, game articles will emphasis this.

In other words, if the article is about Super Mario Sunshine, you should assume that something about the game will be spoiled.
I don't mind about spoilers. :-\
I normally read everything.
Well some people do. The article I read was on Super Paper Mario. And I don't like the whole "blame the user" kind of argument. Technically an article about a game should have that warning just for the sole purpose that not everyone knows how this wiki does with it's articles. Heck I didn't know when I read it, I just figured it was about the game's premise, not it's storyline. Then again I see how that could be used against spoiler tags. But meh, it wasn't enough to totally ruin anything for me so I'm ok with it.
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